Miona Bell From 90 Day Fiance Has A Shocking New Look.

Miona Bell From 90 Day Fiance Has A Shocking New Look.

Miona Bell never misses a chance to surprise her followers. She never disappoints when it comes to taking a good picture. The 24-year-old celebrity appeared on season 9 of 90 Day Fiance with her lover Jibri Bell.

She’s finally living in her dream city, Palm Springs, California, after she and her husband had to overcome a lot of hardships. The reality TV star gained much fame after starring in the famous TLC series. She then started her own online beauty business, which her fans found impressive. Her brand is known as Miona Bell beauty. She recently shared a picture of herself promoting it on Instagram.

Miona Bell From 90 Day Fiance Has A Shocking New Look.

Miona Bell is now a successful entrepreneur. So she loves to support her brand through her social media handles. Looking at her pictures, it’s clear that the camera loves to capture her confident personality.

Well, Miona Bell has expanded her business as she has gained a lot of clients all over the world. Her husband is also very supportive, as Jibri shared a post in which he cheers her on as she reached a goal of 10,000 clients worldwide. Miona recently added more hair products to cater to more people for her brand.

However, she recently uploaded one of her own posts that definitely got a lot of attention. It is, after all, castm ate very beautiful smile. Also, the 90 Day Fiance star is a pro at doing make-up to accentuate her facial features. So her new post certainly generated a lot of excitement among her followers.

In the post, Miona Bell wore a white crop top that showed off her cleavage. Below, she wore jeans that went well with her top and gave her a sexy yet casual look. In the picture, she was seen sitting in a restaurant while enjoying a refreshing fruit drink, monstersandcritics reported.

The 90 Day Fiance star was tanned in all the right places, giving her a bronze goddess-like glow. As mentioned, her makeup skills are very impressive as she had perfectly shaped eyebrows, accentuated cheekbones, eyeliner with raised wings and purple lip tint. Miona had completed her look with a ponytail from her beauty salon. The young celebrity adorned herself with gold earrings and a gold watch. The reality TV star also had an acrylic French manicure done.

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