More than 70 Female British Politicians Sign a Letter Supporting Meghan Markle

More than 70 Female British Politicians Sign a Letter Supporting Meghan Markle

Female MPs from across the political gap have condemned the media coverage of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and claim that some of them “have outdated colonial overtones.”

More than 70 female parliamentarians have signed an open letter in which they face Meghan Markle by saying that such behavior “should not remain undisputed” and praised her for “taking a stand”.

The MPs criticize the “often unsavory and misleading” stories of some national media and promise to make every effort to ensure that the press respects the Duchess’s right to privacy.

The letter, on House of Commons with stationery from the office of Labour’s Holly Lynch, was placed on the Twitter account of the Halifax MP and addressed to the Duchess of Sussex.

Signatories are Labour’s Jess Phillips, Yvette Cooper, Diane Abbott and Tulip Siddiq; the conservative MPs Tracey Crouch, Gillian Keegan and the former Tory Antoinette Sandbach; and the Liberal Democrats Wera Hobhouse, Angela Smith and Layla Moran.

It follows an ITV documentary in which Meghan Markle told how she was warned by friends before she married Harry that the British gossip magazines would destroy her life. She also talked about how she had tried to adopt a “stiff upper lip,” but had been the subject of unfair and untrue stories.

She sues the Mail on Sunday and accuses it of infringing privacy and copyright after it has printed extracts of a private letter from her to her estranged father, Thomas Markle. Her husband, Prince Harry, has filed a lawsuit against the owners of the Sun and the Daily Mirror for alleged telephone hacking.

The letter from MEPs reads: “As female MPs of all political convictions, we wanted to express our solidarity with you by taking a stand against the often unsavory and misleading nature of the stories about you in some of our national newspapers, your character and your family.

“On occasions stories and headlines have infringed your privacy and we have tried to ask questions about your character for no reason, as far as we can see.

“Even more so, we call out what can only be described as an outdated, colonial undertone of some of these stories. As women MPs from all backgrounds, we agree with you that it should not be allowed to go undisputed. “

They added: “Although we are in a very different way as women in public life, we share the understanding of the abuse and intimidation that is now used so often as a means to discourage women in public office from continuing deal with our very important work.

“With this in mind, we expect the national media to have the integrity to know when a story is in the national interest, and when it is trying to break down a woman for no apparent reason. You can assure us that we are in solidarity with you. We will use the means at our disposal to ensure that our press accepts your right to privacy and shows respect, and that their stories reflect the truth. “

In a statement released during the couple’s recent tour of South Africa, Prince Harry accused the gossip press of being behind a “ruthless” campaign against his wife.

He told Tom Bradby of ITV that he would not be bullied by parts of the media “to play a game that killed my mother” and wanted to protect his wife and their son, Archie.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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