My 600-lb Life: Ashley B.’s weight loss story

The single mother of two Ashley Bernard has really changed her appearance since she appeared on My 600-lb Life.

Her new Facebook photos reveal that the mother of two is ready to join life and be active and healthy for her children. While others refer to stress as the cause of weight loss, Ashley Bernard from My 600-lb Life described her as a “barrier” to losing weight.

But when she finally met Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, he told her the unpleasant truth. He said that stress was just Ashley’s “excuse” and that she needed to take some responsibility for healing and changing her behavior.

Previously, Ashley was bedridden and relied on her mother, her children and even her sister to move on and exist.

We have learned that in the past she was sexually assaulted and began to gain almost as much weight as armor, a defense mechanism to make herself unattractive so that she would not be assaulted again.

Let’s hope that this My 600-lb Life doesn’t end up in a quarrelsome mess like many other stories from recent seasons. Ashley seems to be happy about this experience.

Now, the mother of two children Ashley has to get over a lifetime of unfortunate circumstances and, in doing so, has asked for Dr. Now’s help down in Houston so that she can first function as a mother.

She was abused and traumatized as a child and never got over the emotional and sexual abuse.

Ashley Bernard’s plan has always been to put her life back together and lose weight so she could be the mother her two daughters deserved.

Her plan was surgery to lose weight because, with over 600 kilos, her future was bedridden and full of weight-related diseases, such as diabetes and some forms of cancer, including early death from a cardiac episode.

My 600-lb Life: Ashley B.’s weight loss story

In the end, she was great. But it was a little abrupt at first, a little abrupt at first. Ashley, 31, weighed 637 pounds at first when she went to Houston and consulted with Dr. Now.

Then she started to be aware of diet and exercise. And eventually, it was for her two daughters that she started to lose weight and focus on her health and regain her sexy charm.

Dr. Now gave her the gameplan. He asked her to follow his strict 1200 calories per day diet and start moving around with special exercises.

At first she had difficulty adapting, but eventually she bought in healthier ways.

Ashley also needed counseling to overcome the heaviness of her past, the problems of abuse. Ashley joined a gym, bringing her down to the lower 500 so she could qualify for weight loss surgery.

And as she progressed and got even smaller, reaching 400, Dr. Now took her seriously and gave her the green light for gastric surgery.

The rest is now in Ashley’s hands, but you can see how she enjoys taking pictures of herself again, and hopefully it will be one of the most exciting transformations in this season’s series.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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