My 600-lb Life: David Bolton’s Claims Not Justified Says Megalomedia

My 600-lb Life: David Bolton’s Claims Not Justified Says Megalomedia

My 600-Lb Life fans heard that six people from the show sued the production company for the TLC show. Megalomedia takes on the family of the late L.B. Bonner, David Bolton and Dottie Perkins. In addition, others include Gina Krasely, Maja Radanavoc and Jeanne Covey. Now, Megalomedia rejects the basis of David Bolton’s claims.

David Lost Weight On The Show

TV Shows Ace reported that David and his brother Benji Bolton have joined the show. David Bolton has lost weight and fans have been happy with his success. However, in the end he was not at all happy with the production team. We noticed that he felt unhappy with the way the show seemed more concerned about the ratings than the mental well-being of the people on the show. In fact, he got depressed. Also, he thought it was wrong for him to end up spending his money on medical expenses. He thought that would be covered.

Just like the other stars on My 600-Lb Life, who sued the company, he thought they staged much of the drama. Of course, this is for ratings. He then put on stress, he observed. But, he may end up losing more than he’s already lost if his lawsuit fails.

After all, Megalomedia swore to take a very strong stand on this. He pointed out that he intends to make the loser pay the costs, “penalties” and “legal fees”. Nevertheless, David’s lawyer seems confident they have merit-based cases.

My 600-lb Life: David Bolton’s Claims Not Justified Says Megalomedia

Starcasm has followed the story of these claims from the beginning. They covered David Bolton’s allegations and obtained documents about Megalomedia’s response. They came from Megalomedia’s lawyer, Charles L. Babcock. In the exit notes, he “dismissed David Bolton’s allegations of negligence.” In fact, they countered with the argument that David’s “injuries, if any… were caused by [his] negligent conduct”‘.

Also, the document speaks of the claim that someone told him that medical expenses would be paid. They noted that they only adhere to written contracts, not verbal things. Plus, they emphasize his NDA. They note that the cast lawyer for My 600-Lb Life has a particular problem with those NDAs that seem extremely restrictive. He wants them to completely change the way they take care of the people on the show or stop production.


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