My 600-lb Life: Jeanne Covey’s Weight Loss Journey

My 600-lb Life: Jeanne Covey's Weight Loss Journey

Jeanne Covey, who appeared on season 7 of the TLC reality show My 600-lb Life, has sued the show’s production company. She, alongside other cast members from season 7, sought $1 million in damages from the show, claiming that the producers were negligent during filming. Covey alleged that the producers of the show purposely used the cast to support the narrative of the show, which focused on the extreme weight loss journeys of the participants.

My 600-lb Life: Jeanne Covey’s Weight Loss Journey

When Jeanne Covey made her debut on My 600-lb Life season 7, she was over 600 pounds and struggled to do things independently. She felt humiliated about relying on her parents to do everything for her. Dr. Nowzaradan, the bariatric surgeon who appeared on the show, assessed her to be in an “extremely critical” state. Covey had gained weight at a young age and had spent much of her life in obesity.

Covey’s segments on My 600-lb Life showcased her living with mental struggles. She learned that she would have to do much more than get a gastric bypass surgery to initiate her weight loss. Dr. Now told her that the procedure wouldn’t fix her eating disorder, and that she would have to be responsible enough to fix that on her own. Right after her doctor’s appointment, Jeanne struggled to focus on her weight loss, as her mother fell ill and her father passed away. Fortunately, she did talk to a mental health professional and decided to move away from Houston. The former My 600-lb Life star opted not to pursue Dr. Now’s program, as she didn’t have time for it.

My 600-lb Life: Jeanne Covey’s Current State

Jeanne Covey has dropped a lot of weight and came down to 388 pounds. Despite her transformation, she didn’t let it stop her from suing the show’s production company. Reports suggest that Covey filed the lawsuit to get compensation for alleged negligence during the filming. From extreme dieting and its risks to other mental health-related issues, the former reality star felt that producers purposely used the cast to support the narrative of the show.

Overall, Jeanne Covey seems to be happy and healthy in 2023. Her social media activities show that she is active and engaged with various interests, including gaming, wrestling, and horror. Despite the lawsuit against the show’s production company, Covey seems to have moved on from her My 600-lb Life experience and is enjoying life on her own terms.

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