‘My 600-lb Life’: Lindsey Witte and her mother in her header photo from her group page, she looks happy.

‘My 600-lb Life’: Lindsey Witte and her mother in her header photo from her group page, she looks happy.

One of the most promising My 600-LB Life stories appears in season 8 opener with Lindsey Witte.

Native Iowa has made significant changes since shooting for TLC’s My 600-LB Life. She describes who she is on Facebook, she writes:

“As seen on TV… My 600 pound Life, Season 8 Episode 2 Airs on January 8, 2020 on TLC at 7pm CST. Come with me on this journey to good health.”

A young woman in a marriage that seems to have run out of steam, 39-year-old Lindsey Witte, weighed over 600 pounds when she consulted with the fan-favorite bariatric surgeon, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan of Houston, Texas.

It hasn’t been a linear success, but one filled with ups and downs and rebounds galore. She’s not stopping the fight.

Thanks to Dr. Now‘s famous 1,200-calorie diet that beats carbohydrates and sugar, reports from TLC and our exclusives reveal that she lost almost 200 pounds for bariatric surgery.

Weight loss is crucial. It gives the medical team the confidence that the patient, in this case Lindsey, is serious about sticking to the behavioral changes needed to shed the huge amounts of weight.

As we only reported in our previews, Lindsey Witte had life on a slippery slope, with a loving husband, Paul, a home, and a good job.

TLC wrote the description in their press statement today and outlined the problems.

“But now her food addiction threatens to ruin everything. As she embarks on a weight loss journey to save her life, it is questionable whether her husband is a supporter or an addict herself.”

Paul was featured in our exclusive clip as emotional and on a short leash with Lindsey. To be honest, he’s tired of her apologies, and she doesn’t stick to Dr. Now’s planned diet, creating a passive-aggressive circle of negative interactions.

His alleged alcohol addictions are the root of his problems, and her move to Houston to have a more successful weight loss experience has left many questions about their relationship.

Lindsey has now set up a Facebook page for fans to accompany her on her journey of weight loss.

The page is called Second Chance Success – The Real Lindsey Witte for the fans to “join me on this journey of good health”.

The ongoing weight loss will be underscored by Dr. Now-ordered psychotherapy. For now, based on pictures posted and her positive outlook, it seems that her romance is still on track with Paul, and her health is at the forefront of her energy and focus.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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