‘My 600-lb Life’: Lindsey Witte lost almost 200 pounds before her surgery.

‘My 600-lb Life’: Lindsey Witte lost almost 200 pounds before her surgery.

Lindsey Witte, 39, weighed over 600 pounds when she sought the help of My 600-lb Life‘s resident bariatric surgeon, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, affectionately known as Dr. Now.

“With how bad my body is now, I feel like it’s a miracle if I still wake up in the morning,” says Lindsey when we meet her, saying she is blessed because her greatest fear is dying in my sleep. “My weight has reached the point where I feel like I’m falling apart and I’m in constant pain.

But after undergoing Dr. Now’s treatment and following his 1200-calorie diet plan, how is Lindsey on My 600-lb Life today? Read on to find out.

Lindsey Witte lost almost 200 pounds before her surgery.

Lindsey Witte had it all: a white picket fence, a loving husband and a great job,” reads the description of her episode. But now her addiction to food threatens to ruin everything.” As she embarks on a weight loss journey to save her life, one wonders whether her husband is a support or a drug addict himself.

During the first months of her recovery, Lindsey Witte learns that having her husband and Paul, a low-level alcoholic, along with her could slow her growth. As she moves to Houston to undergo Dr. Now’s treatment, she makes the wise choice to leave Paul so she can fully concentrate on her treatment with the help of her trusted friend Irene, who has a better understanding of what she’s going through.

By month 9, Lindsey lost 131 pounds and was approved for surgery by Dr. Now. “I can’t believe I lost so much weight and I feel so excited about it,” she says. “I just hope this is enough to make him proud of me.”

“Oh my God, that’s amazing! I wasn’t expecting this,” he laughs in relief when the sleeve surgery is approved. But there’s a catch: Dr. Now sets another weight loss goal for Lindsey before the two-month weight loss surgery. Now she has to lose about 40 extra pounds, and Lindsey is beyond her calling.

“I’m so excited right now,” he exclaims. “I was really worried and scared all this time that I wasn’t going to make it and that I was going to fail, but I’m really encouraged by the progress I’ve made and I know that now I can make it.”

‘My 600-lb Life’: Lindsey Witte has now set up a Facebook page for fans to track her progress.

Since appearing in the series, Lindsey Witte has joined a gym and is committed to training with her partner and friend Irene. “I’m not sure I could have done everything I’ve done in this time without her help,” says Lindsey. “And I’m grateful to her for that.”

He also created a Facebook group called “Second Chance Success – The Real Lindsey Witte” for fans to “come with me on this healthy journey.

When we leave her at the end of the episode, her weight has dropped so much that she’s almost in the 300s, which, according to her, is more progress than she’s ever made before, including the last time she had sleeve surgery. However, Dr. Now makes her promise that she will also start psychotherapy in the next month, as she believes that her progress will be short-lived unless “she takes care of some things”.

A certain Lindsey Witte says that “nothing will shake my commitment to do what I need to do to have the life I want,” and stresses that she wants to have “a family with Paul someday,” which will require both of us to get healthy again.

Now, she seems to have made great strides in putting her health first and posted photos and updates on her Facebook page that suggest she’s on the right track. “Shaving your legs may seem insignificant, but to me it’s another small victory,” he shared recently. “I can see your ankles.”

Just two days before his broadcast, he wrote, “I’ve worked hard to banish this monster forever. Turning to counseling, healthy options instead of unhealthy options, and knowing that food is not a fuel you turn to for comfort, no matter how difficult it is.

We’re so proud that Lindsey Witte has managed not only to lose the pounds, but also to renew her vision of life and her relationship with food.❤️❤️ 👍

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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‘My 600-lb Life’: Lindsey Witte is trying to lose weight and her weakness in her dieting has Paul snapping and ready to leave.

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