My 600-lb Life: Lisa Ebberson’s Inspiring Journey to Health and Happiness.

My 600-lb Life: Lisa Ebberson's Inspiring Journey to Health and Happiness.

Hey, friends! Today we’re diving into the story of Lisa Ebberson, one of the most infamous patients from TLC’s hit series My 600-lb Life. You might remember her from season 10, as she made quite an impression with her tumultuous journey. Let’s take a closer look at what happened to Lisa and how she’s doing now.

Upon Lisa Ebberson’s initial debut on the program, her weight exceeded 630 pounds, and she had been confined to her bed for an extended period. The driving force behind her quest for assistance was to strengthen her bond with her kids and grandkids. Regrettably, her path was not without obstacles. She gained notoriety for her emotional outbursts and discourteous conduct, which hindered her ability to comply with Dr. Now’s advice.

My 600-lb Life: A Tragic Twist

Sadly, Lisa’s life took a tragic turn when her boyfriend and caregiver, Randy, passed away due to COVID-19 during filming. Although Randy enabled Lisa’s unhealthy habits, he was also her biggest supporter. After his death, Lisa had to adjust to a new caretaker and dietitian. While in a medical center for COVID-19, she lost over 80 pounds but ultimately decided to quit Dr. Now’s program.

Lisa hasn’t been shy about sharing her negative experiences while filming the show. In an exclusive interview with Soap Dirt, she accused producers of fabricating storylines and not caring about the patients they were filming. She also detailed how producers’ actions led to her hospitalization after they turned off her oxygen machine and urine capture device, causing her kidneys to shut down.

My 600-lb Life: Moving Forward with Her Life

Despite the rocky journey, Lisa Ebberson’s health seems to be heading in the right direction. She’s been working hard to continue her weight loss journey without the show’s help. Currently residing in Fairbury, Nebraska, she’s spending quality time with her family and getting help from her son’s girlfriend, a nurse, to make healthier food choices.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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