My 600-lb Life: Seana Collins had a hard life growing up which was always full of chaos.

My 600-lb Life: Seana Collins had a hard life growing up which was always full of chaos.

Seana Collins weighs 659 pounds at the age of 22, but she has struggled with weight and food since she was a child. Seana Collins first began eating large amounts of food as a way to deal with the abuse she faced from her father. While her father was out of the picture when she was 16, Seana’s relationship with food became stronger.

She finds it difficult to walk and even stand for a few minutes and is angry at the loss of her independence as her mobility decreases day by day.

Seana Collins has to push herself to even take a bath every day and get it over with. She hates her body more than anything else in the world and feels like a monster walking around. Disgusted by her appearance, she has reached a point where she can’t stop eating and wouldn’t, because it has become the best part of her day.

She is cared for by Derricus. Although he tries to help her as much as possible, he feels helpless because she can’t control her eating habits, which have now become poisonous. But Seana Collins says that food makes her happy, no matter how sad she is.

Seana Collins had a difficult life growing up, always full of chaos. She eats to forget everything she’s been through.

In tonight’s episode, she reveals that her father treated her mother badly and physically abused her a lot. Her mother Cricket says that Seanna’s relationship with her father was traumatic.

However, her mother was unaware of her father’s behavior for a long time and that is when Seana Collins turned to food to deal with it. By the time she was eight, she weighed over 150 pounds.

Although her mother chose to leave the relationship and move to a new town, her father insisted on spending summers with Seanne, still subjecting her to his mistreatment.

Her constant eating led to further weight gain and Seana Collins was already worth over 200 pounds by the time she was 10. When the kids at school started laughing at her because of her huge frame, she felt isolated. Food became her only friend and she weighed over 400 pounds by the time she was 15.

Cricket had Seana Collins hospitalized for mental health assistance when the bullying got worse and she decided to end her life.

Nevertheless, her dependency on food continued to increase despite counseling and now she has reached the downward spiral. Seana Collins says she wants to improve her life before it is too late.

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