My 600-lb Life: Seana Collins is losing her “Ability To Move And Do Things.”

My 600-lb Life: Seana Collins is losing her "Ability To Move And Do Things."

Another week has passed and you know what that means: Another patient heading to Texas for a visit from Dr. Now. For those who don’t know, Dr. Now is the famous bariatric surgeon and star of My 600-lb Life, who, through his “Hard Love” program, helps morbidly obese patients turn their lives around.

This week we will see a year in the life of Kansas City native Seana Collins, a 22-year-old Kansas City native who weighs 660 pounds when we meet her. “Every day of my life I feel like it’s harder than the last and things keep getting worse because of my size,” she says in the introduction, adding that she doesn’t want to “look this way” and feels “like I’m trapped most of the time because of how hard it is to move and move around.

So how is Seana Collins now that the show has stopped shooting? Has she been able to lose weight during the year in Dr. Now’s care?

Seana feels “like a monster walking around” and hates her body “more than anything else in the world”. It may be one of the youngest cases we’ve seen this season, and explains that much of her initial weight gain is due to the fact that she was raised in an abusive home.

“I’ve had a really hard life,” she says, “and I feel like it’s been chaos since I was born. Her father abused Seana Collins mentally and physically, and she turned to food for comfort as a child. “Eating made me feel like I was going to be okay, like nothing had gotten worse,” she says.

At age 8, she weighed over 150 pounds, at 10, she had put on another hundred pounds and weighed over 250 pounds. “The kids started making fun of me for how big I was,” he says, having no friends. “My point of view was that I had food as a friend and didn’t need anyone else,” she shares.

My 600-lb Life: Seana’s Story

When she reached high school, Seana Collins weighed 180 kilos and the teasing became so strong at school that she decided to drop out at the age of 16. But having nothing to do at home led to a spiral of depression, and soon she was hospitalized by her mother in a mental hospital.

For the following year, according to her story, all she did was eat food. But she also invited a man she met online to move in with her and, thanks to her addiction, Seana Collins became addicted to meth. “It was a downward spiral until my mom came to pick me up,” she recalls. She went to a mental hospital again and after her release, she continued to eat to cope with the situation.

So when we meet her, Seana’s situation is disastrous. Her mother takes her to Houston, where Dr. Now is based, and Dr. Now essentially predicts at their first meeting what we see unfolding in the next hour and a half on the screen. “My concern for Seana Collins right now,” she says, “is that she doesn’t seem too motivated to start turning her life around.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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