My 600-lb Life Star Ashley Reyes Weight Loss Journey and Life Update

My 600-lb Life Star Ashley Reyes Weight Loss Journey and Life Update

Ashley Reyes, a former star of the reality show My 600-lb Life, has come a long way since her first appearance on the show. The Los Angeles resident has battled with being overweight since childhood, and her weight reached over 668 pounds by the time she debuted on the show’s fifth season at the age of 30. She spoke about feeling like a “monster” and a burden to her family, including her husband and mother.

Eating to Cope with Trauma

Ashley Reyes revealed that her struggles with weight gain began after she was sexually abused by her uncle at a young age. She turned to food as a way of coping with her trauma, and her weight eventually became a problem in her marriage. Ashley’s journey to better health began when she lost over 106 pounds on the show. However, the sudden weight loss also brought its own set of problems.

In a follow-up episode, Ashley showcased her post-weight-loss struggles, including loose skin, pain, and chafing. She was eager to get surgery to fix these issues and continue on her journey to better health. Over the years, Ashley faced many challenges, including food deprivation, but she persevered and continued to lose weight.

Recovering from Hurdles

As of 2023, Ashley has lost over 300 pounds and seems to be making progress every day. This milestone suggests that she has successfully recovered from the other issues that hurdled her fitness journey after she began losing weight. However, she still wants to get rid of the excess skin that hangs on her body.

Excess Skin and Surgery

Ashley has previously spoken about how the excess skin she was left with after losing weight caused physical pain and other issues. She expressed a desire to have surgery to eliminate it permanently. While it is unclear if she has undergone the procedure, Ashley’s past determination and positive mindset suggest that she may have.

Stronger Than Ever

Despite facing unimaginable pain since the age of 12, Ashley has a strong support system in her husband Daniel, who has stood by her through all their hardships. The two are still married and are stronger than ever.

A Private Life

Although viewers would love to know more about Ashley’s current adventures and weight loss journey, she appears to keep her life as private as possible. She does not have any social media accounts, making it difficult for fans to keep up with her progress. Nonetheless, Ashley’s journey has been an inspiration to many, and her determination to overcome her struggles is a testament to the human spirit.

Written by Evelyn Foster


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