My 600-Lb Life Star Cynthia Wells’ Stunning Transformation

My 600-Lb Life Star Cynthia Wells' Stunning Transformation

Cynthia Wells, known for her appearance on the popular reality series My 600-Lb Life, has made impressive progress in her weight loss journey since her initial appearance on the show. Wells, a single mother of five children, initially sought out the help of Dr. Now, the strict and no-nonsense surgeon who specializes in weight loss surgeries. However, Wells initially struggled to adhere to Dr. Now’s strict regimen, causing her to attempt to lose weight on her own.

Despite this, Cynthia Wells eventually underwent a gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Now’s help and successfully lost 156 pounds, bringing her weight down from 610.3 pounds to 454 pounds. Since then, Wells has continued to make progress in her weight loss journey and has dropped an additional 100 pounds, currently weighing in the mid-300 range.

However, Dr. Now has advised Cynthia Wells to lose even more weight before performing any additional surgeries and has recommended psychotherapy sessions to help her manage her emotional attachment to food. Nevertheless, Wells is committed to her healthy habits, regularly posting updates on her progress on her Facebook profile, including her jogging sessions and the distances she has covered.

Cynthia Wells’ transformation has been remarkable, with recent pictures from March 17, 2021, showing her looking vibrant and healthy. Her commitment to her weight loss journey has allowed her to attend all of her children’s events and enjoy life to the fullest. She has joined the ranks of other My 600-Lb Life stars such as Christina Phillips and Justin McSwain, who have also undergone remarkable transformations through their weight loss journeys.

Cynthia’ journey serves as an inspiration to others struggling with weight issues, demonstrating that with commitment and dedication, anyone can make significant progress towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
Canadian journalist

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My 600-lb Life: Cynthia Wells’ Amazing Weight Loss Journey and Life Update

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