My 600-lb Life Star David & Benji Bolton Weight Loss Journey and Life Update

My 600-lb Life Star David & Benji Bolton Weight Loss Journey and Life Update

David and Benji Bolton from My 600-lb Life Season 6 have made significant progress in their weight loss journey since their debut on the show. The brothers, who initially weighed a combined total of 1300 pounds, were determined to change their lives and lose weight despite their challenging upbringing.

David Bolton, who was the heaviest at 747 pounds, revealed that he had struggled with his weight from a young age, already weighing 140 pounds by the age of 10. With the guidance of My 600-lb Life’s Dr. Now, the brothers were placed on a specialized diet that kick-started their weight loss journey. David quickly dropped 141 pounds, qualifying him for bariatric surgery, while Benji struggled with losing weight initially, only dropping 14 pounds within the same time frame. However, he found inspiration in David’s progress and worked harder towards his own weight loss goals, eventually qualifying for his own bariatric surgery.

By the end of their My 600-lb Life episode, David had dropped to 420 pounds and Benji weighed around 258 pounds. After their appearance on the show, the brothers continued to work towards their weight loss goals and made even more progress. According to their sister Cindy Lee Bolton, David lost around 452 pounds and Benji lost around 382 pounds, as revealed in a Facebook conversation.

In addition to their weight loss achievements, David had a significant milestone in his personal life as well. He announced his engagement to his girlfriend, Carrie, in March 2020 via his Facebook page, showcasing his commitment to his health and happiness.

However, despite their initial close relationship on the show, Benji admitted during his appearance on My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now that he and David Bolton had a falling out. One of the reasons for their strained relationship was David’s decision to sue Megalomedia, the studio that produces My 600-lb Life. In the case documents filed by David, he alleged that the show’s lifestyle changes and lack of mental assistance caused him frustration and depression. He also claimed that the studio did not fulfill their promise to pay all medical bills incurred under Dr. Now’s care.

Although there haven’t been any recent developments regarding David Bolton’s legal case against the studio, enthusiasts are optimistic about his and Benji’s chances of reconciling and moving forward on their weight loss journeys with positivity. Despite encountering obstacles, the siblings have demonstrated their unwavering resolve and perseverance in their pursuit of improved health and a better quality of life.

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