My 600-lb Life: Tommy Decided To Embark On His Weight-loss Journey But People Have Many questions About His Girlfriend, Amanda

My 600-lb Life: Tommy Decided To Embark On His Weight-loss Journey But People Have Many questions About His Girlfriend, Amanda

Tommy Johnson has been struggling with his weight since he was young and after years of getting help from an oxygen tank to breathe, Tommy knew it was time he turned his life around. However, one of the biggest motivations for him was his fiancée, Amanda. Amanda and Tommy Johnson have been dating for five years, but he hasn’t been able to give her a real relationship like he wants.

Amanda revealed that before she met Tommy Johnson, she was dating another man who weighed over 700 pounds. She also revealed that he died after having a heart attack. While Tommy’s condition is no better, Amanda fears that history will repeat itself.

Two months after the death of her ex-boyfriend, Amanda started talking to Tommy Johnson. He was the support she was longing for at the time and it eventually led to a date with both of them. The two decided to live together after two months of talking, but it was all Tommy was looking for.

Tommy Johnson remembered that she asked Amanda for one thing she wanted to do while they were together and she revealed that she had always wanted to do karaoke. Tommy expressed his disappointment because even after five years he revealed that he hadn’t been able to do the little thing Amanda wanted.

While Tommy Johnson worried that Amanda would leave him because she has become more of a carer to him than a friend, it is not the same as what she has in mind. Amanda revealed that she is worried that Tommy will suffer the same fate as her ex-boyfriend. She confessed that when she went out with her ex-boyfriend, there were signs of decline that she missed.

She remembered that she could see his legs turning red and his toes slowly losing blood flow. Although she admitted that she loved Tommy Johnson, she added that she was worried that his eating habits would one day kill him. Amanda knew it wasn’t a road she wanted to take again because she had already lost someone she loved.

While Amanda was desperately looking for Tommy Johnson to lose weight, the viewers knocked her down because she was feeding Tommy Johnson, asking him to lose some weight. “So Amanda watched a man die of obesity and she contributed to the death of this man. STOP FEEDING HIM LIKE THAT.”

Another added, “Amanda does all this whining, but she makes his meals. She’s part of the problem.” Another repeated similar thoughts and wrote, “Well Amanda… if you’re so worried. STOP MAKING HIM LITRES OF BAD FOOD AND BRING IT TO HIM!!!”

While Tommy has decided to go on the downsizing trip, there is no doubt that he needs Amanda’s help and the fans hope that she won’t become his enabler.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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