‘My 600-lb Life’: Travis wants to give his wife the wedding of her dreams.

They don’t talk about it much on My 600-lb Life, but the elephant in the room (sorry, I couldn’t help it) seems to be the fact that men have such an easy time compared to women on the show trying to lose weight.

I thought about it because this past season, Bethany and Gina seemed to be struggling a lot more than their male counterparts when it came to losing the pounds and keeping them away. A frustrated Bethany abandoned Dr. Now’s care, and Gina wasn’t even able to get on with the weight loss surgery.

Meanwhile, brothers John and Lonnie were both unrecognizable at the end of their episode, and even J.T., with his massive lymphedema, was able to lose nearly 400 pounds in Dr. Now’s care.

Similarly, Travis, whose journey we follow in Episode 6, takes some pretty impressive steps during his time on the show. So how much weight does Travis lose and how is he doing today? Keep reading.

My 600-lb Life: Travis wants to give his wife the wedding of her dreams.

My 600-lb Life fans know that part of what makes each episode so exciting is listening to Dr. Now’s patients’ backgrounds and childhood. When it comes to Travis, his parents separated at an early age and he grew up mostly with his older brother. Due to lack of parental supervision, Travis ate as much as he wanted.

At age 10, he weighed about 120 pounds. “That’s when things got worse,” he explains, saying, “my brother had moved in to live with my dad” at the time. “My brother and I were very close and I felt so betrayed.” I couldn’t understand how my brother could leave me like that and why my father didn’t want me.”

That’s when Travis started turning to food as a defense mechanism. At 15, his weight began to lose control when he realized he could go anywhere. Travis’ mom even revealed that Travis would hide food in his cheeks to eat later.

Eventually Travis dropped out of high school and got his GED, and on his 20th birthday he weighed 450 pounds. At 25, the scale weighed over 500 pounds.

But that didn’t stop Travis from falling in love with a singer he met in church, where he played the keys. Jasmine and Travis got married only six months after they met, but since Travis’ weight prevented him from walking down the aisle, he sees his wife’s dream marriage as his ultimate goal of weight loss.

My 600-lb Life’: Travis sheds over 200 pounds in Dr. Now’s care. 

While we don’t see the big party during his episode in the show, Travis certainly achieves and exceeds his weight loss goals, and fast enough! First, he only needs two sessions with Dr. Now to get approval for the sleeve surgery and, within four months of starting his journey, he manages to lose about 45 kilos.

After the surgery “reduces his stomach by 90%”, as Dr. Now explains, Travis balances healthy eating with exercise and therapy and loses a total of 221 pounds. His weight at the end of the episode is 379 pounds.

Both Dr. Now and Travis are delighted with his progress. “My attitude towards life has changed, my quality of life has changed for the better and I like it,” he says towards the end of his journey.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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