My 600-Lb Life: Whatever Happened To Dottie Perkins

My 600-Lb Life: Whatever Happened To Dottie Perkins

Dottie from Oxford, Mississippi, joined the show at the age of 34. She told how she loved food as a child because she felt neglected by her mother. Perkins went from an extremely overweight child to an overweight teenager, weighing over 300 pounds by the age of 18. By the time Dottie gave birth to her first son, Daniel, he had reached over 350 pounds.

Daniel’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy pushed Dottie Perkins out of control and she gained even more weight. She gained over 500 pounds. By the time of the birth of her second son, she weighed 544 pounds.

Eventually, Dottie Perkins decided to go to Dr. Now to find out that her weight had risen to 641 pounds. Within the first month, Dottie showed little progress, dropping to just 635 pounds.

Another ailment forced Daniel to put his weight loss plans on hold. When She returned, She weighed 669 pounds, having gained 34 pounds. Dr. Now took him to the hospital and put him on a controlled diet. She lost 72 pounds and was cleared for surgery. A month before the operation, Dottie Perkins managed to lose another 17 kilos.

After a year of struggling, she had gained 520 kilos and wanted to lose even more. Dr. Now claimed that if she continued to work with the programme, she would reach her dream weight.

My 600-Lb Life Whatever Happened To Dottie Perkins

Dottie Perkins tragically lost her son Daniel in 2016, who succumbed to a stroke. As a result, she struggled with her weight though. However, she has managed to lose a total of 271 kilos, which means her weight is now around 371 kilos. This means that she has gained weight as a result of one of the incisions from her corrective surgery.

Dottie Perkins also seems to have moved out of the house because of Chris’s drinking problems. She is in a hotel room with her other son Landon. Lack of money and the need to rebuild her life from scratch has forced Dottie to leave the Dr. Now program. The surgeon has expressed concern that Dottie will return to a self-destructive path and what that will mean for her health.

Notably, Dottie Perkins has become one of the actors suing the production company Megalomedia over the My 600-Lb Life. She claims that the show lied about her weight, giving the impression that she was gaining weight while losing it. She also accuses Megalomedia of making her eat so much that Dr. Now had to take her to hospital.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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