My 600-lb Life’s Dominic Hernandez Struggles to Meet Dr. Now’s Goals

My 600-lb Life's Dominic Hernandez Struggles to Meet Dr. Now's Goals

Dominic Hernandez, a participant in season 8 of My 600-lb Life, struggled to meet the weight loss goals set by Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. Despite being homeless and having mobility challenges, Dr. Now thought that Dominic would be a great candidate for his program. However, Dominic found it tough to follow Dr. Now’s strict diet and exercise plan, and ultimately failed to meet the weight loss goals set by the doctor.

My 600-lb Life: Continued Struggles for Dominic Hernandez on Weight Loss Journey

Despite being cut from Dr. Now’s program due to his inability to meet the weight loss goals, Dominic Hernandez continued his weight loss journey. He claimed that he could not change his diet, but did manage to lose 23 pounds in the first two months on Dr. Now’s plan. However, he was asked to lose 60 pounds and ultimately failed to do so, resulting in his removal from the program. Despite making very little progress since then, Dominic has made headway in other areas of his life.

My 600-lb Life: Dominic Hernandez Finds Hope After Homelessness

After being homeless, Dominic Hernandez has found hope in his new apartment in Texas. He has started a GoFundMe to help rebuild his life, and claims to be doing better and working towards maintaining his fresh start. With a proper home, his eating habits may improve for the sake of his health. While he has made minimal progress on his weight loss journey so far, he could potentially work with Dr. Now again, given that he is still in Texas.

Dominic Hernandez’s My 600-lb Life experience highlights the difficulties that some patients face when attempting to lose a significant amount of weight. Those who are not ready for the process or lack strong support systems may struggle to follow Dr. Now’s strict diet and exercise plan. Homelessness and mobility challenges can also put patients at a disadvantage. However, with a determination to prioritize their health and a strong support system, patients can successfully lose weight and improve their lives.

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
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