My 600-Lb Life’s Patrick Macon Gets on Dr. Now’s Nerves with Flimsy Excuses

My 600-Lb Life's Patrick Macon Gets on Dr. Now's Nerves with Flimsy Excuses

Patrick Macon, a married father of one, sought the help of renowned weight-loss specialist Dr. Younan Nowzaradan on Wednesday’s episode of My 600-Lb Life. Patrick, who weighed 657 pounds at his first weigh-in, expressed being in pain every day due to his weight. However, his lack of dedication to weight loss led Dr. Now to call him out, as he gained nearly 30 pounds between visits. Dr. Now doubted whether Patrick should bother staying on the program, stating that there is no point if he is not making the necessary changes.

Patrick Macon tried to justify his weight gain by claiming he had the flu, which Dr. Now did not buy, as most people lose weight when they are sick. He admonished Patrick for not taking his weight loss seriously, even though his body is close to giving out. Dr. Now stressed that there is no magic to save him and that he is the only one who can make him lose weight. Despite Dr. Now’s stern words, it shows how much he cares about his patients, as he only wants what’s best for them.

My 600-Lb Life: Dr. Now’s Frustration

Dr. Now may have a somewhat gruff attitude towards his patients on My 600-Lb Life, but it is rare to see him get this frustrated. Patrick’s excuses showed that he was not being serious about his weight loss, and Dr. Now saw right through them. Having run a weight loss clinic for many years, Dr. Now had encountered a lot of excuses from patients, but he usually keeps his cool while being stern and direct. However, it seems he was pushed past his limits by Patrick, which demonstrates the severity of Patrick’s condition.

My 600-Lb Life: Patrick Macon’s Health in Jeopardy

Patrick Macon’s weight loss journey did not get off to a good start, but there have been many My 600-Lb Life stars whose journeys also started off rocky, but were able to turn it around. It was clear that Patrick’s health was in jeopardy, prompting Dr. Now’s frustration. While Dr. Now’s concerns were correct, Patrick’s health issues should not be taken lightly, as he revealed experiencing chest pain on a daily basis, prompting Dr. Now to order an EKG. It is hoped that Patrick takes the program seriously and makes the necessary changes to improve his health.

My 600-Lb Life: Tough Love

Dr. Now’s tough love may seem harsh, but it is necessary to make patients see reality. It is a reminder that there is no easy way out when it comes to weight loss, and it requires dedication and commitment to making the necessary changes. Dr. Now only wants what’s best for his patients and wants them to succeed in their weight loss journeys. His no-nonsense approach may be jarring to some, but it is ultimately for the betterment of his patients’ health.

Patrick’s lack of dedication to weight loss frustrated Dr. Now, who is known for his no-nonsense approach towards his patients on My 600-Lb Life. Dr. Now’s frustration shows how much he cares about his patients’ health and wellbeing, and his tough love approach may be jarring but necessary. It is hoped that Patrick takes the program seriously and makes the necessary changes to improve his health.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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