My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Beauty is Pain

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Beauty is Pain

In a recent Instagram teaser for a new episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, TLC showed Whitney Thore getting ready. She went to the salon and let the staff know that she hadn’t waxed or shaved for the duration of the pandemic.

Of course, she was in for a painful experience and didn’t hold back while expressing herself. Not to mention, her comments greatly disgusted fans.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Beauty is Pain

Whitney Thore was keen to improve her appearance ahead of the upcoming shoot. But apparently her experience was so painful that there was a demand for bikini wax epidurals, a step towards a boom in business.

Whitney Thore’s screams of pain as she went to get waxed did go some way to supporting this claim. But she seemed excited to be able to show off her body in a bikini. As the cameras rolled, she said that bikini season came early this year and she definitely wants to go all out!

Well, where does the criticism begin! It was clear that Whitney Thore disgusted fans. While the comments section was full of sarcastic responses, some critics accused Whitney Thore of literally doing anything for ratings. Some were shocked that Whitney didn’t groom her body hair for over a year and a half.

Others called it tacky and suggested that lasers would be a much less painful option. Some resorted to body shaming along with expressing their extreme disgust. One fan felt sorry for the woman who was waxing Whitney Thore and was stunned that she went an entire year without shaving. Calling her “disgusting,” he advised Whitney to take care of herself, whether she has a significant other or not.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.

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