My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Fans Praise Her

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Fans Praise Her

My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers reveal that Whitney Thore fans are happy to see how she has defied many stereotypes on television and in her life.

Whitney Thore has shown that she is very brave and honest with all her fans and friends. She developed her company No BS Active to help those who have been body shamed their whole lives. She believes that we are all beautiful no matter what our body looks like.

When Whitney Thore was growing up, she wasn’t treated like most of the girls in her life. She learned early on that she could dance and loved to do it. It was part of what paved the way for her to start her own business and just to love her peers.

Whitney Thore has been stereotyped by the way she looks and how much she weighs, but she has pushed those stereotypes away and made her viewers feel that they can be just like her.

Many of the show’s fans like the fact that Whitney is a role model and she handles insults very well. She doesn’t let insults get to her and has set a great example for those who watch the show. Whitney has been bullied in the past about her weight and she continues to push it away.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Fans Praise Her

Whitney Thore has shown us this season that she can find love again. She was heartbroken when she found out that Chase Severino cheated on her, but now that she’s met her new, French lover, she feels that no matter what your size, you too can fall in love!

We love watching Whitney on the show, and it’s great to see her trying her best. She’s won against the bullies and continues to keep her head up no matter what happens.

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