My Big Fat Fabulous Life: The Season Ends By Flipping A New Chapter İn The Lives Of Whitney Thore And Chase Severino

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: The Season Ends By Flipping A New Chapter İn The Lives Of Whitney Thore And Chase Severino

It’s the season finale of ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life‘. The episode opens with Whitney Way Thore and Ryan Andreas on their way to meet their next influencers.

Whitney Thore had chosen the influencers and she was planning to film a dance training this time. Ryan decided to sit out this time because he’s not a very good dancer. He’s a little upset that Whitney Thore chose to continue with her dance partner and girlfriend Todd and the influencers, even though he excludes himself from the same by his own confession that he’s not a dancer, but a fitness influencer.

After finishing dance training, the crew returns to the hotel and Whitney’s friend Chase Severino asks Ryan to leave the room for a few hours so he can spend some time alone with Whitney Thore.

Elsewhere in the city, Todd and Ashley hang out together and Todd tells her that Ryan was a baby about the dance training. While they were still talking, they just see Ryan hanging around the cafe and ask him to join them. He fills them up at his fitness training scheduled for the next day at Eiffel Tower.

Back at the hotel, Chase blindfolds Whitney Thore and takes her to their room. When she opens her eyes, she sees that room service was ordered, a bottle of champagne, candles around the room and the bed decorated with rose petals. The thing that surprises her most is that along with the chocolates there was milk on the table, just as she cannot have chocolates without milk.

Whitney Thore is extremely emotional at this point, but she is also a bit skeptical, as she and Chase Severino had some tension between them just a day ago and they hadn’t talked about it. She couldn’t stop thinking about the friction that’s still lurking beneath the surface of all this. Everything seemed like a setup for a wedding proposal to her, but by the end of the evening it was clear that it was just a romantic dinner.

The next morning, Ryan and Whitney Thore along with Todd, Ashley and Chase Severino headed to the Eiffel Tower where they met fitness coach Smail. Ryan challenges everyone to level two at the baffling monument. They start off great but then Whitney Thore begins to take 169 difficult steps in the challenge. She asks the rest of her friends to continue and not to wait for her, because she doesn’t want to burden them with her pace.

She was almost exhausted and remembers a moment when another friend of hers had challenged her to climb the steps of the garage and even though it was only 150 steps, she had barely made it then. Now, however, she was in much better shape and hoped to complete the challenge, and she did. She joined the rest of the crew shortly after they got to the first level.

While the rest of the crew decided to return to the hotel, Chase Severino asked Whitney Thore to accompany him to the highest observation deck. On the way to the top, Chase is visibly nervous. He admits he’s afraid of heights and Whitney Thore considers herself lucky that he does so because she’d like to be on top.

Once on the bridge, there is no other soul in sight and the two of them enjoy the beauty of the city without any distractions. That’s when Chase asks Whitney to turn her back on him so he can photograph her with a view of the city. Once this is done, he asks her to turn to him to look at the picture. When she does, he’s on his knees with an outstretched hand wearing a ring. He asks a very shocked but equally emotional Whitney Thore to marry her and the season ends with Chase Severino and Whitney Thore engaged in the most romantic setting in the world.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.

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