Natalie Portman’s Lady Thor Looks A Lot Like Chris Hemsworth

Natalie Portman's Lady Thor Looks A Lot Like Chris Hemsworth

Ellen DeGeneres has the first look at Natalie Portman as Lady Thor – sort of.

In Friday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, host DeGeneres congratulated the actress on her return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder. In the film, Portman plays a female Thor, the superhero made famous by Chris Hemsworth in the Avengers films.

“So this is exciting,” DeGeneres said, 61. “You will be Lady Thor! It has just been announced. Does this mean you have to train? You are a very small Lady Thor.”

“I suppose I have to train, but I just wait until – I eat my burritos until they call me to the gym,” Portman replied, 38.

DeGeneres then joked that she had “an exclusive photo” of how Portman will look like Lady Thor. The hilarious image showed Portman’s face on top of Hemsworth’s Thor costume – complete with bulging biceps, facial hair, and wavy blonde strands.

“The goatee is so good, thank you,” Portman answered laughing.

“They said you need facial hair for this,” DeGeneres joked.

The Oscar winner was announced as female Thor during San Diego Comic-Con in July. Her appearance in the fourth film in the Thor franchise will be her first since Thor: The Dark World in 2013, although her character is Dr. Jane Foster made a brief appearance in the Avengers: endgame this summer thanks to the use of old images.

“Feels pretty good. I’ve always had a little hammer envy, “Portman told the cheering crowd at Comic-Con.

Marvel also announced more women-led films at Comic-Con, including a stand-alone Black Widow film with Scarlett Johansson and the first Marvel role by Angelina Jolie in The Eternals.

Natalie Portman's Lady Thor Looks A Lot Like Chris Hemsworth

“They came to me with the idea and said,” We have this idea for you that was a storyline in some comics in which Jane becomes Lady Thor “, and I was like:” This is very exciting! “Portman Entertainment said earlier this week.

The film also plays Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, one of Marvel’s first queer superheroes, along with Hemsworth. It is planned to appear in the cinema in November 2021.

“I love Tessa and Chris so much, so it’s exciting to work with them again,” Portman told ET about her castmates. “And I am very excited to handle the hammer.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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