NCIS: New Orleans Recap: December 17, 2019

NCIS: New Orleans Recap: December 17, 2019

Tonight at CBS NCIS: New Orleans returns with a whole new Tuesday, December 17, 2019, season 6 episode 10 called, “Requital”, and we have your NCIS: New Orleans summary below. At NCIS tonight: episode 10 of season 6 in New Orleans according to the synopsis of the CBS: “Pride is cut off from the team and cornered after the investigation into Eddie Barrett discovers an evil plot.”

Edward Barrett is a cult leader. He gathers people who are lost and confused. He somehow convinces them that he has all the answers if he does not. He was just a manipulative jerk. Eddie was so used to his flock that he thought he could do the same with NCIS. He tried to dictate to Pride. He sent a child to Pride with a message and the message was that the rest of the team had to leave Pride. He had to leave the compound or he would know. Pride remains, however, because he has been invited inside.

Eddie said he wants to talk to him. He did not fool anyone with his choice of words because NCIS saw the hostage for what it was and tried to convince Pride to go with them. They didn’t want their boss to endanger his life, but Pride said he had this. Proudly entered the house and the rest of his team left. They drove on the road, but they didn’t really leave. They just waited for the backup and came back as soon as they had a cavalry. They soon surrounded the compound.

They then used their much stronger position to reclaim Pride. The team told Eddie that they wanted their husband back and that Eddie had to surrender quietly, but Eddie refused. He seems to have a plan. He told Pride so much and so Pride tried to find out the man behind the cult. He spoke to Eddie. One on one. He asked Eddie what he wanted and Eddie claimed he wanted peace. He also accused Pride of coming to the compound to kill him and he was wrong. Pride said he was coming to arrest him.

Pride must arrest him. Eddie killed a federal agent and there must be repercussions for that. Eddie didn’t just get away with things because he claims a higher power. There was no higher power and Pride was the only one on the compound who could see through Eddie. He knew that everything Eddie cared about was the attention. He wasn’t even surprised when he heard that Eddie was calling the media, so he was watching live footage of his team. His team had responded that a member of the cult came out waving a gun and instead of killing him, they brought him to life.

That worked against Eddie’s plan. Eddie wanted the FBI to kill his husband on live TV because it was in his victim scenario and so Eddie got angry when his plan failed. He blamed his members for what happened. He also moved Pride away from the footage because he didn’t want Pride to see his plan fail, so Pride stayed alone when he tried to look around. He had seen some wires, you see. He didn’t know where they were leading, but he followed it when the same boy had pulled a gun on him as before.

Pride was cornered. He tried to talk Tom down and the best way to do that was to pierce holes in Eddie’s doctrine. Proudly Tom told Tom that Eddie was up to something. He pointed at the wires and said they didn’t connect to the electricity or the TV. Pride believed that the house was rigged. He wondered why Eddie would do that and this in turn caused Tom to question it, but Eddie then walked in and grabbed Tom’s gun. He hit the child and told Tom that Pride has a greater fate than this.

Eddie saved Tom. He was then left alone with Pride and so Pride confronted him. Pride said he knew Eddie wanted a spectacle, but the media would eventually get bored and no children should be involved in the endgame. Pride convinced Eddie to let the children leave. He thought he had finally reached Eddie and both watched the children leave the compound. But then Eddie implemented his plan. He let his people shoot at the FBI that set the children in motion. It seems that Eddie wanted to excite the crowd with a new stunt and unfortunately the children just got in the way.

It was all about attention. Eddie was willing to do anything and hurt everyone as long as it attracted his attention and so the team realized that they had to stop him their way, not his. They found blueprints of old moonlight tunnels. They were going to use the tunnels to enter the house and they got a tip from Pride who told one of the children to pass on the message that the house had been rigged. So that’s what Gregorio and Sebastian thought once they knew how to search. They discovered that the house was wired with a gearbox and Sebastian was working on shutting it down. He did so while the FBI wanted to hit the building.

The FBI had to do it after Eddie had shot them. They came in and Eddie found out that he couldn’t set off the bomb in the basement. He tried to turn it off, but Sebastian had already defused it and that’s when Eddie ran. Apparently he had an exit plan the whole time. He used the tunnels to get out of the house and Pride followed him.

Pride had broken away and he had a gun, but Eddie didn’t want to be taken alive, so he pushed Pride.

Eddie revealed that he knew where Rita and Pride’s daughter was.

Eddie then said he could have them at any time, so Pride shot him.

Proud would later claim that Eddie went for his gun, but his team didn’t really believe him, even though they covered him with the FBI and everyone else.

The pride stopped making a statement because he wanted to have some time alone to see LaSalle’s grave and tell his deceased friend that they got the son of a bitch who killed him.

And so Pride came from different species when he later started having those strange dreams again.

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