‘NCIS’: Why did Pauley Perrette leave ‘NCIS’?

For years Pauley Perrette impressed viewers like Abby Sciuto on NCIS. However, after leaving the show at the beginning of 2018, Perrette became better known for her custom to speak out on social media.

Perrette has made waves in recent months because of her constant feud with former NCIS cast member Mark Harmon, and in a positive or negative sense the drama has boosted her support for social media.

The actress recently went to Twitter for a different reason and revealed that she had hurt herself in a rather surprising way.

Why did Pauley Perrette leave ‘NCIS’?

Pauley Perrette joined the cast of NCIS in the early 2000s and was a staple on network television for years.

Fans loved her portrayal of the good-natured goth Abby Sciuto, and she was widely credited with helping the number of strong female characters of the diversity television.

Yet all good things don’t last forever and at the end of 2017, Perrette went to social media to announce that she would leave NCIS.

In a series of tweets, Perrette explained that although there were all kinds of false stories that claimed to explain her reasoning before leaving the show, the fact is that it was a decision she had made some time ago and that she hopes fans will just love her latest performances as much as Abby.

Although those messages seem to indicate that there was no drama behind her exit from the series, Perrette recently moved things by claiming on social media that she had nightmares about Mark Harmon who attacked her and that his dog had caused considerable fighting on the set of NCIS.

Perrette hurts herself doing repairs

Perrette’s controversial claims about one of the most loved actors on television have caused anger and unrest within the fan base. Previously a series set-up, Perrette has found itself on the receiving end of many online hatred of fans of the show who do not believe Perrette’s comments about Harmon.

Negativity towards Perrette has spread to other posts of her, including a recent one that revealed a painful injury.

At the end of July, Perrette shared on Twitter that she hurt her hand with some home repairs. It was later revealed that she had gone to the hospital to address the injury, but not everyone had comforting words for the former NCIS star.

Perrette claims she is a ‘redneck’

After sharing her injury on Twitter, Perrette received a lot of kickback among her followers. A number of Twitter users called Perrette ‘desperate for attention’ and wondered whether or not she should do repairs at home if she wasn’t really qualified to do this.

Pauley Perrette responded to the negativity by making another Twitter message – she called the “haters” and said she is “a rough and tumbling Alabama child who occasionally hurts her confidence”.

Perrette has southern roots, but she was actually born in New Orleans and has lived in several southern states, including Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

Perrette further said that she is not a “spoiled celebrity” and is proud to do things alone at home in her house.

Yet it was not all negativity for the actress. Many fans warned her to take care of herself and applauded her self-sufficient attitude. Some of her followers told her to ignore the negative comments and said that “haters are going to hate.”

It seems that even if Perrette has gathered an evil will among the NCIS community, there are still many who will gather with their beloved actress when the opportunity calls for it.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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