New Book Offers More Details Into The Real Housewives of New York Star Bethenny Frankel’s Troubling Childhood

A new book sheds more light on the youth of Bethenny Frankel.

The Real Housewives of New York star has been open about her rocky relationship with stepfather John Parisella, as the reports about the feuds go back between two years. With the recent release of a biography of John’s life and career as a horse trainer entitled “From the streets of Brooklyn to trainer to the stars” by author Denny Dressman, there are disputes about how Bethenny was raised.

The book quotes Bethenny who said, “I grew up in a cave by animals,” on the Bravo show Bethenny Getting Married as she describes her childhood. Although it is likely that no one thought Bethenny grew up in a real cave, the book does indicate that she grew up in “million-dollar houses.”

Bethenny’s mother Bernadette “Bonnie” Birk has also contributed to the biography, noting that Parisella “paid for the best schools” and “made sure he went to all her school shows.”

However, Bonnie also admits that John hit her and apologized that he “sometimes drank too much” and was a common drug user, but she claims he never touched Bethenny.

This is in line with Bethenny’s previous comments, because she never claimed that her mother or stepfather physically abused her growing up. Yet a source close to the housewife makes it clear that Bethenny’s childhood was still a nightmare.

“Bethenny has endured a difficult childhood,” the source told Page Six. “Unfortunately, she grew up in a household with a lot of physical and mental violence, alcoholism, drugs and a gun … her stepfather would hit her mother and Bethenny would often have to call the police.”

It seems that although Bethenny was not the target of her stepfather’s violence, she was still witnessing her fair share of abuse growing up that no amount of money or millions of dollar houses can make up for it. The source gives Bethenny’s raw youth credit for the strong woman she has become.

Despite all this, she went to a great school and was able to find her way and become the woman she is today. She would not be such a survivor if she had not experienced this childhood. “

As for Bethenny’s relationship with her stepfather, there is currently no. The source explains: “Bethenny has fond memories of her stepfather, [but] she hasn’t spoken to him in a few years since she gave him money, which he gambled away on college basketball.”

John claims that the money was a payment for a loan he had given to Bethenny, not the other way around. Anyway, it doesn’t look like these two will be reconciled quickly.

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Written by Tommy Kilmer

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