New Poll Reveals Joe Biden Beating Donald Trump With A Stunning Victory In 2020

It’s not the news that Donald Trump wanted to hear when he launched his 2020 presidential campaign, but a new poll showed that major Democratic candidates Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were all ahead of the president in mutual competitions in a new poll in Florida, according to CNN.

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Florida is one of the most important states in the presidential election and Donald Trump hopes he will have a head start on democrats who have launched his 2020 presidential campaign in the state. The new opinion poll of Quinnipiac University with Trump lagging behind major Democratic candidates is gaining in importance, as Florida was one of the highly controversial states in the 2016 presidential election. Trump hit Hillary Clinton by a 1.2% margin or 112,911 votes. It is certainly no coincidence that Donald Trump chose to launch his campaign from the state of Florida. The state of the sunshine could prove the ultimate difference if the margins between Trump and his opponent were so thin. Republicans won the governor’s office and the senate race with very nice margins. In 2016, Trump captured 49% of the popular votes compared to Hillary Clinton’s 47.8%.

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The poll showed Donald Trump lagging behind Democratic candidate Joe Biden with a 9 percentage point lead, 41% to 50%, in a mutual match-up. Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, holds a lead of 48% to 42%. Elizabeth Warren (47% -43%), Kamala Harris (45% -44%), Pete Buttigieg (44% -43%) all lead Donald Trump in mutual matches and can be an ominous sign of the chances of the president in the state of the sun.

“Florida Republicans have won the last five major state-wide elections, all in very short margins, but Sunshine State Democrats see these very early figures as a sign that their losing streak might end,” said Peter Brown, assistant director from the Quinnipiac University Poll.

In Biden’s matchup with Donald Trump, 7% of Republicans and 54% of Florida independents said they would support Biden over Trump. Although Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have been more proactive in making detailed policy quantities in their campaign to be the Democratic Presidential candidate, it is Joe Biden who has the biggest lead over Trump. Biden has the approval of 41% Democrats in the southern state, while Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren represent 14 and 12% respectively. Buttigieg and Harris have the approval of 8% and 6% of Democrats in the state.

Looking at figures with more than 500 days to go for the 2020 presidential election, it only shows that Trump does not have the approval or support as he claims. Among Floridians, more Democrats have paid attention to the Donald Trump campaign. The poll by Quinnipiac University showed that only 51% of Republicans followed the Trump campaign, compared to 59% of Democrats.

Bernie Sanders and Warren’s biggest disadvantage seems to be their progressive and socialist policies, aimed at reducing income inequality in the United States. Joe Biden, who has taken a more cautious approach, has 51% of the support of moderate and conservative democratic voters. Biden also has support from 52% of those older than 50 years.

Interestingly, only a third of voters want Congress to start an eviction procedure against Donald Trump and that only two-thirds of Democrats want to start proceedings against the president. Similar to the earlier poll results released by The Quinnipiac University, Trump’s approval score remains at 41%, with 51% still claiming to disapprove of his work as president.

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Despite the ongoing trade war and claims of increasing unemployment from different sides, voters’ opinions justify Trump’s claim that he has done a good job of reviving the economy. Half of the polls believed that they were in a better financial position than in 2016. A look at the figures reveals that the opinion could be a biased opinion, as 84% of Republicans claimed to be better while only 23 % of the Democrats and 55% of the self-employed felt the same way.

The poll also points to gender and racial segregation from the pole of voters. Biden leads 58% – 34% in women. Men choose Trump 49% of the time and Biden grant 42%. As expected, white voters give Trump the lead with a 52% to 42% punch while Biden leads 79% – 9% among black voters. Biden also leads 57% – 32% among Spanish voters.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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