New York’ta Real Housewives : How Did Bethenny Frankel Get Luann de Lesseps Rehab for Free?

Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps from Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) have known each other for years. It is therefore no surprise that Frankel helped the Lesseps when she had to go to a rehabilitation for the second time.

She said she was helping her rehab for free, but how? Here is the one who finally paid for rehabilitation, according to the cabaret singer.

Luann de Lesseps went to rehab twice last year

Luann de Lesseps
Luann de Lesseps

The reality star went to rehab twice last year. This was after she was arrested for disorderly intoxication in Palm Beach, Florida.

“I have this whole new life. I am going to AA meetings and I am following my treatment now that I am back from rehab. I take it very seriously,” she told Megyn Kelly after she had left the detox clinic for the second time. “I love the meetings. I have a whole new family.”

The mother revealed that her relapse was caused by a legal battle with her ex-husband and children. Count Alexandre de Lesseps, her daughter Victoria and her son Noel de Lesseps have filed a lawsuit in which they claim that they have violated their agreement that they would create a trust for their children if they sold their house in Bridgehampton.

“I felt betrayed. I felt so hurt,” she said. “Since then I have decided to take something small and to keep my house for the children because I love them.” Later they dropped the lawsuit.

Frankel said she got her rehab for free

Luann de Lesseps
Luann de Lesseps

Frankel reached a boiling point when the cast went on vacation in Miami. She felt that the Lesseps was insensitive and had no problem with the reasons why.

“When did you last ask me how Dennis is doing?” She asked Dennis Shields, who had Frankel before he died of an overdose. “You are unbearable,” she said. “You never change. You dined out of sobriety, you eat out.”

Frankel continued to talk about how she tried to help the Lesseps. “I did your intervention while my husband died of a drug overdose,” she said. “You never checked in on Dennis, not once!”

“You left the rehabilitation program of f ** that I got you two weeks earlier for free,” she said during her torment.

de Lesseps says Bravo paid for her rehab

It seems that Frankel really helped her to go to the rehab clinic. However, she was not the one who paid the bill.

“She helped, but the network actually paid for it. So I want to clarify that,” she told People Now. The reality star further said: “[Bethenny] helped make that happen, absolutely, and I give her the credit for it.” She added, “But the network covered that for me, which is great.”

The sobriety of the comedian was a big subject between her cast members. At the reunion she was able to open this up for Andy Cohen.

“I’m a self-sabotager, that’s just who I am,” she explained. “I have learned a lot about myself and if things go well I have to be extra careful. I can get alcohol everywhere, so forget the cabaret hall. In the cabaret hall I am busy on stage, I work.”

Fans will have to keep an eye on Frankel and the Lesseps to see where their friendship goes after their difficult moments.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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