Nick Jonas Reveals Which ‘Jumanji’ Co-Star Is the Least Likable

If you’ve ever seen The Late Late Show with James Corden, you’ll know about many of the stunts he coordinates with guests of celebrities. One of the most popular (and winding) is the segment called “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts”, where you have to reveal something controversial or eat a horrible food. Some of those dishes include everything from bull penis to flesh saliva.

No official word where Corden buys these dishes, but the Jonas Brothers did not hesitate to taste some of them if they play a week in the lead.

During the segment, Nick Jonas lost the beans about who were least sympathetic to the set of the new Jumanji sequel. Did Jonas have problems because he was so transparent?

Who did Nick Jonas rank first?

Most guests who participate in “Spill Your Guts” refuse to answer the daring questions. Most of those questions could exchange more than a few feathers, but sometimes you can get around if you have a lawyer-like mind.

Nick Jonas seems pretty intelligent, but many people wonder if he was in hot water because he had to arrange his fellow Jumanji cast members.

Inevitably Jonas Dwayne chose “The Rock” Johnson as the most sympathetic because he is the star of the film and perhaps most recognizable to Jonas. Johnson is also by far the biggest and strongest so it’s nice to keep him in a good mood. However, when he first chose The Rock, Nick had no choice but to arrange his other three co-stars.

How did Nick rank the other three?

Jonas placed co-star Karen Gillan second because of how beautiful she is. Maybe he also chose her out of politeness because she is the only woman who gets top billing in the restored Jumanji franchise.

He then opted for Jack Black, followed by Kevin Hart. Nick had to release an “I love you, sorry Kevin” without specifically mentioning that he was the least likeable of the cast.

After being so courageous with his answers, Nick showed a joke that the producers of the new Jumanji sequel would replace him with Harry Styles for the role of Jefferson ‘Seaplane’ McDonough. This is unlikely to happen, especially if the original question ‘Spill Your Guts’ is placed in the right context.

The cast likely won’t disown Nick Jonas

Who knows how many of the cast members of Jumanji watched the show. The Late Late Show with James Corden, however, is quite popular, making it a good bet they were watching.

They undoubtedly knew the predicament in which Jonas was wrong and will not stop him from ranking their attractiveness. Also consider that it did not say they were not nice. You can consider the list as: they were all equally likeable compared to someone else.

Based on the history of this late night segment, most other celebrities had not bothered to answer the question. Remember again that Nick Jonas is as transparent as better than not answering. Someone who starved would insinuate that they might not like the co-stars mentioned.

Jonas refused to answer one other personal question

Nick was also asked to compile a short list of celebrities who have struck him in his career. Fortunately, there is a rule that some celebs will not exceed without ending up as viral meme on social media because of their razor-sharp reaction.

Although Jonas did not answer this question, he perhaps set a precedent because he was not afraid to show respect for co-castmates for a popular film franchise.

After all, with the rebound of the new Jumanji franchise that has been so popular lately, it’s good to know that the cast can say things about each other without being out of contempt.

If someone can believe the joke that Nick has ranked Kevin Hart as fourth, that is the last. Knowing that the cast of a film really loves each other, watching a comedy makes it all the more credible.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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