Nicola Sturgeon says Boris Johnson is pursuing a ‘dangerous’ no-deal Brexit

Nicola Sturgeon has said that Boris Johnson pursues a “dangerous” no-deal Brexit after meeting the Prime Minister in Edinburgh.

The Prime Minister of Scotland also said there was no clarity as to how he intended to reach an exit agreement with the European Union, who repeatedly said he would not renegotiate the withdrawal agreement he had with his predecessor Theresa May.

Mrs. Sturgeon continued: “That reminds me that whatever Boris Johnson publicly says about his preference to close a deal, in reality he is really pursuing a no-deal Brexit, because that is the logic of the tough position he has taken.

“I think that is extremely dangerous for Scotland, indeed for the entire United Kingdom.”

Nicola Sturgeon says Boris Johnson is pursuing a 'dangerous' no-deal Brexit

Mrs. Sturgeon also said that Mr. Johnson’s Brexit strategy, hoping that the EU will renegotiate a new withdrawal agreement, is “doomed to fail.”

She continued: “The only strategy or tactic you can get out of it is that he thinks the EU will blink.

“After many difficult meetings with his predecessor about the Brexit issue, I think she thought so for a long time.

The EU – whether you think this is a good thing or a bad thing – has been very consistent in its position. It has been very united and if you hold your entire strategy to a belief that will suddenly change, I think it is a strategy that is doomed to fail.

“Or it is a strategy that is destined to fail because you actually want the alternative, a no-deal Brexit.”

The leader of the Scottish National Party spoke after meeting with Mr. Johnson on his first trip to Scotland as prime minister.

Ms. Sturgeon also said that whatever happens to the Brexit will affect the decision on the timing of a second Scottish independence referendum.

She added that it was not democratic to block Scotland’s right to choose.

Nicola Sturgeon says Boris Johnson is pursuing a 'dangerous' no-deal Brexit

A downing street spokesperson said about the meeting: “The prime minister said he was a passionate believer in the power of the union and would work tirelessly to strengthen the UK and improve people’s lives throughout Scotland.”

The statement added: “At the Brexit, the Prime Minister said that although the government prefers to negotiate a new deal that will lift the anti-democratic backstop, the UK will leave the EU no matter what.”

Johnson also met with Scottish conservative leader Ruth Davidson in Scotland. She said she will not support leaving the EU without an agreement.

While the UK as a whole voted to leave the EU in 2016, Scotland supported Remain with a large margin.

Mr Johnson’s meeting with Mrs. Davidson may have been tense because he ignored her advice to keep David Mundell in his role as Scottish secretary, dismiss him, and replace him with Alister Jack.

The prime minister asked for a renewal of “the ties that bind our UK”, as he announced a £ 300 million financing pot for communities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to alleviate fear of the union breaking apart after Brexit .

Downing Street has said that visits to Wales and Northern Ireland will follow, with the latter focusing on ongoing talks to restore decentralization in Stormont.

Since January 2017, there has been no government in Northern Ireland due to disagreements between the DUP and Sinn Fein, where attempts to restore their power distribution have proved fruitless.

His attempt to win the support of people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland through his so-called growth plan follows the announcement of a £ 3.6 billion fund to initially help 100 cities in England.

In his first speech outside Westminster since the replacement of Theresa May, Johnson also promised a new high-speed rail route between Manchester and Leeds to stimulate development in the north.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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