NYFW: Jessie James Decker Has a Stylish Solution for Wearing Sweat Pants on a Date

Jessie James Decker

At Jessie James Decker it’s all about problem-free fashion.

The latest collection from the country singer for Kittenish, which she debuted during New York Fashion Week, reveals exactly that. From day to night wardrobe staples such as pleated leggings, to boss-inspired pantsuits and bold denim pieces, Jessie clearly designs for the modern woman who travels a lot. Or as she told E! Exclusive news, she designs for herself!

“All my style is on every piece of these pieces,” 31 Jessie, behind the scenes of the show, which was held by Style360 and Klarna. “This line is practical, stylish, trendy, southern and girl-friendly.”

In fact, so girl-friendly that Jessie made it a priority to record a few sporty looks that would make any lazy (yet style-oriented) lady a Kittenish fan.

“We have changed training pants into a chic item. We have changed the game there,” she shared.

NYFW: Jessie James Decker Has a Stylish Solution for Wearing Sweat Pants on a Date

Inspiration for the trimmed sweatshirts and joggers – naturally accentuated with an animal print – actually came from Jessie and hubby Eric James Decker’s date evenings.

“When I go out to eat, I plan to eat a big meal. So I want my pants to be stretchable. I’m a mother of three. I don’t have time to be dressed in tight-fitting dresses all the time,” she explained.

The reality TV personality had some pretty silent things to say about her old love, but you have to press play on the vide above to view them!

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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