Obama Is Reportedly Eager To Outsell Wife Michelle’s ‘Becoming’ With His Own Memoir

A little healthy competition between a couple can do wonders to keep things interesting in the relationship. And speaking of an interesting and fun relationship, former President Barack Obama and the marriage of wife Michelle tick all the boxes. The two set new levels of relationship goals with each passing day and I am a big fan of all the times that the former first lady has made a dig with her husband. It appears that the father of two may have something in his hands as a payback period for all the times that his wife has passed her best Barack impression on national television.

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And how does the former leader plan to go back to his wife? By outsourcing Becoming memoirs. As you may have already heard, the super popular 55-year-old book is well on its way to becoming one of the best-selling memoirs ever. Now that Michelle’s book tour is coming to an end and the memoirs are still destroying literary records, all eyes are now on Barack, who is currently working on his own memoir in the White House.

While publishers had hoped to get his unnamed book on the shelves this year, the writing process turned out to be slower than he had expected. Speaking to the Atlantic, sources near the former president also claimed that he feels very competitive with his wife. Apparently the 57-year-old occasionally mentions a passing conversation that, unlike Michelle, who used a ghostwriter for her book, he does the writing himself.

The funny contest aside, the book is reportedly delayed due to Barack’s inability to balance the historical and political needs of the project and to bring them to his standards as a writer. He has been very thorough with his investigation process, from sending legal pads to the old island of Marlon Brando in French Polynesia during his stay there in March 2017 to have his assistants interrogated from former members of the Obama administration to every little one detail completely right.

If sources are believed and his book is not published this year, this may possibly be delayed for some time. It seems unlikely that it would come true in 2020 with the election approaching because it would affect the primaries and certainly affect his party’s campaign against President Trump by bringing forward past issues. That leaves the possibility of a release from 2021 when he can become the voice of his party after another failed attempt to place a Democrat in the White House or to be in a position to take up arms with a newly elected Democratic president.

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According to Daily Mail, the former first couple grabbed a $ 65 million prepayment in the deal for their memoirs. As Michelle Becoming told her life story, how she found her voice, her experience of motherhood, and her time at the White House, Barack’s book is said to begin with his speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and discuss his two terms of office. The coming memoir is not his first introduction to writing, since he has previously written and published two other books. He released Dreams From My Father in 1995 and The Audacity of Hope in 2006.

Returning to the topic of when readers could expect his White House memoirs, Obama spokesperson Katie Hill said no decisions had been made about the new release date. Regarding the noticeable distance the former president has kept with the upcoming elections, Hill said that Barack “welcomes the debate” comes out in the primaries. “The policy debate has shifted since 2007 and 2008, and that’s good – it is a testament to the progress made since then by activists and elected officials at all levels. Great, bold ideas are a sign of the strength of the Democratic Party, and President Obama urges everyone to be transparent with voters about how these ideas will work in reality, how they are paid and how they will affect the lives of all Americans, “the spokesperson added.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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