OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby’s New Obsession

Outdaughtered: Danielle Busby’s New Obsession

The hugely famous Danielle Busby has a lot of things going for her in life. She also needed a break from her usual chaotic lifestyle. That’s why the star went on a trip with friends.

Now that Danielle Busby has returned from a relaxing and adventurous holiday, the star is spending time pampering her beauty. The reality star’s new obsession is curling her eyelashes.

Outdaughtered: Danielle Busby’s New Obsession

Danielle has a new obsession in her life. The star tried curling her curly lashes with curler curlers. No, don’t think curl mascara is her obsession, because it went wrong. Trying to curl the lashes, Danielle broke off quite a few of them.

At the time, she was angry about her mistake. However, it wasn’t something she regretted for too long. Because Danielle Busby was able to grow her eyelashes back with beauty products.

After growing all her lashes back, Danielle Busby thought she would try curling her lashes again. But this time she didn’t use a curler. Instead, Danielle Busby tried lifting her lashes. And it almost looked like a curler tip. Danielle was over the moon with the result and felt good about her appearance.

Afterwards, the star shared her Instagram story with everyone before and after the look. She even claimed that this new thing is her new obsession, quoting “#OBSESSED.” In addition, the star is also focusing on other beauty trends. She shared with fans her favourite face wash, shampoo and conditioner.

Ever since Danielle Busby found out about the mysterious illness, she had been suffering from anxiety and stress. Adam Busby was worried about his wife. Soapdirt reports that Adam Busby suggests a family vacation to the Florida Keys for some relaxation. However, Danielle refused to go because there is always stress when you travel.

So Danielle Busby decided to go on an adventurous trip with her friends. She and a few friends went on a trip to Michigan. She uploaded quite a few photos of her enjoying calorie-filled fast food. It’s okay to go unhealthy sometimes.

Her husband Adam Busby also comments sweetly on one of Danielle’s posts, saying: “Miss you already! I know you guys are going to have a blast this week.” Fans know that Adam Busby is a supportive husband who gives his wife all the space and time. Danielle is now back from her trip and enjoying time with her family.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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