OutDaughtered: What Did Adam Busby Say That Hints At A Possible Problem

OutDaughtered: What Did Adam Busby Say That Hints At A Possible Problem

Parker Busby made her father Adam Busby very worried a few years ago. Fans saw on OutDaughtered that she and Danielle Busby took the five of them to an occupational therapist. She seemed terribly withdrawn and anxious.

Although she has since improved tremendously, is it possible that she is now suffering from some other childhood disorder? Read on to find out how we are investigating this possibility.

In the latest season of the TLC show, fans saw Parker Kate Busby conquer his fears and ride a horse. Fans know that he suffered from extreme anxiety and was also very afraid of horses. In fact, he seemed too scared on holiday to even try riding a pony. This came not long after fans saw her terribly anxious at the kindergarten trials.

However, after advice from professionals and a lot of time spent helping her daughter, Parker’s “the ‘fraidy-cat” seems to have disappeared.

Parker Busby took up ballet and fans saw it on Instagram and in season 8 of OutDaughtered. She certainly seems very confident now. Flat and very photogenic, some fans think she may eventually become a professional model. But on Mother’s Day, Adam Busby said something that sounded like his little girl could be hit with some potential problem. Namely, sometimes a certain childhood disorder can persist and worsen with age.

OutDaughtered: What Did Adam Busby Say That Hints At A Possible Problem

On Mother’s Day, Adam Busby made French toast for Danielle, Ava, Riley, Hazel, Olivia and Parker Busby. His Instagram stories revealed that they pampered Danielle Busby and later they went out for some fun.

Well, as you can imagine, the five of them were feeling very tired after a full day of going out and partying. Back at home, Adam Busby and Danielle Busby relaxed in the lounge with some nice music.

The quints fell asleep in the lounge and Adam Busby said that Parker Kate Busby always sleeps first. Next he mentioned that his little legs were kicking, so he thought he might be having a deep sleep.

Well, you probably saw the dog sleeping while their legs were twitching and making running motions. They probably dream of chasing cats or rabbits. So, what Adam Busby described sounded similar, if not so over the top.

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