OutDaughtered: Will Danielle Busby Have A Heart Surgery

OutDaughtered: Will Danielle Busby Have A Heart Surgery

Danielle’s mysterious health problem is no longer mysterious. The Outdaughtered couple knew there was something wrong with Danielle Busby’s health. At the time, doctors were unable to pinpoint the exact problem. Now, however, doctors have revealed that there is a problem with Danielle Busby’s heart. Will Danielle have to face an operation? The mother of six is terrified and doesn’t know what will happen to her family.

Deep down, Danielle knew something was wrong with her body. And a US Weekly exclusive clip reveals what it really was. Adam Busby confessed that there might be something wrong with his wife.

In fact, the couple went to the hospital for a checkup. Adam addressed that moment as “It was like a punch in the gut; I wasn’t quite ready for that.” Danielle Busby and Adam Busby sat down via video call with the doctor for a follow-up check-up. And then Danielle asked the doctors what was really going on with her body.

For the first time, Adam Busby sensed fear in Danielle’s voice. And the doctors revealed to the couple that there might be a hole in Danielle’s heart. The condition is called atrial septal defect.

To confirm the condition, Danielle Busby will have a transesophageal echo. He explained to the couple that a probe would be placed in Danielle’s throat to examine the condition. Apparently, this was a lot of information for Danielle to process at once. Staar expressed, “I’m scared.”

OutDaughtered: Will Danielle Busby Have A Heart Surgery

Fans wish the Busby family strength to get through this difficult period. After hearing the shocking news, Adam wondered and asked the doctor if Danielle Busby’s condition required a chest opening.

To this, the doctor replied that the couple would “to take one thing at a time”. Whether or not the chest is opened will depend on further interventions. Surgery will only be performed if it is confirmed that there is a hole in the heart.

After the appointment, Danielle shared her feelings with the camera. Although she didn’t cry, her words literally brought tears to the viewers’ eyes. She was shaking, scared and in a miserable situation. Star explained: “This is going to be the most invasive procedure that I’ve had yet.” It scared the hell out of him.

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