People are worried about Justin Bieber after he posts emotional message on Instagram

In the decade or so that he has been in the spotlight, Justin Bieber has undergone the whole change. He started out as a heartbreaking baby faced, turned into a wannabe badboy, before finally establishing himself as a reformed Christian and married man at the age of 25.

But he is not yet ready to distance himself from the music scene.

Although he has not toured for more than two years and has not produced new music for four, Biebs still has a huge following and his fans are desperately looking for new material. Unfortunately, he is still not ready for the task – and he posted a long Instagram post yesterday explaining why.

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“So I read a lot of messages that say you want an album,” Bieber began. “I have traveled all my teenage life, and in the early 20s, I realized, and as you probably saw, I was unhappy the last time and I don’t earn it and you don’t earn it, you pay money to come and a lively energetic nice light concert and I was emotionally unable to give you that at the end of the tour. “

The singer then continued to say that he was trying to focus on improving himself as a person and husband, and that he will return with a new album when he is ready. He also made references to his Christian beliefs and said that “the king” has decided that he must be “at the top.”

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“I have searched, searched, tested and mistaken like most of us, I am now very focused on repairing some of the deep-rooted problems I have, like most of us, so that I don’t fall apart so I can Maintaining my marriage and becoming the father I want to be Music is very important to me, but nothing comes for my family and my health.

“I come with a kick-ass album ASAP, my swag is undeniable and my drive is indescribable, his love is supernatural, his grace is so reliable … the top is where I live, whether I make music or not, the king said so but with a vengeance I believe … (grammar and punctuation will be terrible pretend it is a text where you just don’t care).

The reactions of fans to his position were varied, with some people claiming that they really didn’t expect much from the star, given his absence, and others express genuine concern about where his head is now.

However, others simply poked fun at the use of the phrase: “My swag is undeniable.”

Bieber has not yet elaborated on what his “deep-rooted problems” are, but he seems certain that he will overcome them and come back with new music. If that happens, we really don’t know, but it seems that we have to keep an eye on this space, in case it drops something new.

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