People think Prince William and Prince Harry need to dress better

People think Prince William and Prince Harry need to dress better

Prince William and Prince Harry are currently two of the most popular royals. The princes grew up in public interest and had to deal with many hardships after their mother died.

Over the years, however, they have proven to be mature, kind-hearted and generous people, which has earned them many fans around the world.

Yet Prince William and Prince Harry are still human at the end of the day, so they cannot be perfect 100 percent of the time. As a result, there are some things that critics do not necessarily like.

Read on to discover one big thing about the princes that continue to stir people’s nerves.

People think Prince William and Prince Harry need to dress better

People think Prince William and Prince Harry need to dress better

There is no doubt that Prince William and Prince Harry often dress well for the occasions. Their appearance is usually very clean and put together. What shatters the gears of their critics, however, is the fact that their suits sometimes don’t fit.

For men, tailored suits are important to improve your appearance. According to the British costume brand Hawes and Curtis, the perfect suit must have a jacket that fits the contours of a person’s shoulder, sleeves that are not too long and not too short, and pants that are cut but not too tight.

Prince William and Prince Harry often wear nicely fitting suits, although they do not do so on certain occasions. During his recent trip to Pakistan, for example, Prince William was wearing a gray suit that was a little too loose on his arms and legs, which did not look good to some spectators.

One person said on Instagram: “Who are the royal fashion stylists? Will and Harry need help with their clothes. They need decent, modern suits … “

“William really needs a designer here,” another person said.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are often praised for their fashion

While Prince William and Prince Harry are criticized for their clothing, their wives on the other hand are praised for being fashion icons.

Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle often blow fans away with their stylistic choices. People pay close attention to what the duchesses wear, and fashion brands often get a lot of attention when Middleton or Markle put on their clothing.

The clothing they wear is often sold out quickly, showing that Middleton and Markle definitely have a huge impact on the fashion industry.

Are there rules concerning clothing that royals have to follow?

The fact that royals can express themselves with their clothing does not mean that they can wear what they want. There are strict rules that they usually have to follow.

Generally, royals are not allowed to wear casual clothes. For formal events, men wear costumes, while women are expected to wear hats in the morning and married women can wear tiaras in the evening.

Outfits should also not be too revealing, so you rarely see royal women wearing flashy cleavage or tight, short skirts.

When you visit other places, there are some rules that must also be followed. They are expected to dress in a way that respects the culture of their host country.

Royal biographer Marcia Moody shared:

“Men may need tie pins, medals, sashes, and handkerchiefs. Women often respect the country with a national flower or symbol in their clothing. Symbolic colors are chosen, important jewelery is chosen. “

Because royal women get a lot of attention for what they wear, they will often also choose outfits made by local designers as a way to show appreciation.

Finally, when traveling abroad, royals will also pack a completely black outfit. If a sudden death occurs at home, they can dress appropriately for the mourning opportunity when they return to London.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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