Pete Davidson and John Mulaney Make Fans An Amazing Offer

It is probably just as challenging to score Saturday Night Live tickets as trying to find “puppy gate” at The Real Housewives or Beverly Hills. It can be almost impossible.

However, SNL member Pete Davidson wants to break through the red tape. He invites a lucky winner to not only participate in the taping of the historic show, but to sit behind the velvet ropes and party with him at one of the notorious SNL cast parties.

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In the typical Davidson way, he and John Mulaney broke out what fans had to do to get a chance to chill (and laugh) with Davidson.

Enter to support a great cause

Davidson is a strong supporter of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). “Climate change is no joke, but I hope we can inspire action through comedy,” Pete Davidson said in a release. “NRDC has been at the forefront of this fight for nearly fifty years, making it its mission to protect the well-being of this planet and everything in it. That’s why I’m excited to support NRDC and hope you will do the same.”

Fans can show their support for Davidson and the NRDC by simply donating $ 10 (or more) to the organization fighting to save the planet. The NRDC is, “an international non-profit environmental organization with more than 3 million members and online activists.”

Win a trip with your support

Donating to the NRDC is inspiring enough. But Davidson certainly weakened the deal. A lucky winner receives a return flight for two to New York City, plus two nights in a hotel in New York. Each $ 10 donation is equal to one participation in the competition (so $ 50 equals five items).

Of course the big event contains two tickets to see Saturday Night Live (live) on 13 April. Plus, and even cooler, access to the SNL afterparty with Davidson and crew. Actress Emma Stone is programmed to host with international K-pop superstars BTS are the musical guests.

Davidson has announced the competition in the best way

Davidson and Mulaney are touring, so they created a hilarious video to announce the competition. In the video, Davidson joked about how he can’t remember the date of the show. He takes several takes from him and also says hello to the camera.

“Hello friends of the NRDC,” says Davidson. “On April 13 you have the opportunity to hang out with me at SNL and see the taping if you donate to whatever this thing is,” he jokes.

Eventually Mulaney appears (also known as Pete’s friend). “He does so much work for the NRDC that it’s incredible,” says Mulaney, gesturing at Davidson. “You may not even realize it.” Davidson starts giggling.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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