POLICE CHASE LIVE: Police chasing rape suspect in Riverside area

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) – Authorities chased a possible suspect of rape at Riverside on Tuesday afternoon.

Officers tried to get the suspect in a light-colored four-door sedan in the afternoon and he refused to give up and started a pursuit.

CHP officers briefly drove the suspect to the 91 highway east before leaving the riverside beaches in Riverside.

Officer made attempts to stop the suspect using a PIT maneuver and spike strips, but those efforts were unsuccessful. During an attempt at a PIT, the suspect was able to divert into a divided lane and avoid the attempt.

He then boarded the freeway 215 Freeway and the pursuit continued at high speed with relatively little traffic.

He entered San Bernardino County and left the streets on the surface. The sheriff department of San Bernardino County has taken over the lead role in the pursuit.

DEVELOP: this story is being updated.

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