President Trump walks out to speak at a Keep America Great Rally” at U.S. Bank Arena on Thursday in Cincinnati.

CINCINNATI – Open throats, trapped spirits. Maybe 17,000 of each, deafening in different ways. Joy, fear, love, hate, community. Unbridled, roaring nationalism. Shirts that said, “JESUS ​​IS MY SAVIOR, TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT,” although it was hard to see the difference here at Rally No. 64 of his presidency, on day 923 of his first tenure.

About 15 minutes after his speech on Thursday night, Donald Trump discussed one of his favorite topics: American “inner cities,” and how they are completely.

“We can name one after the other, but I don’t,” Trump said. “Because I don’t want to be controversial.” He paused to let the crowd make him controversial. “We don’t want any controversy.” This was his first rally since his outrage over Baltimore as “infected” because his last audience sang “send her back” with reference to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), The Somali American Congresswoman.

Would he go there again? Would he go further? Would they? How racist did everyone feel tonight?

When asked earlier in the day for indecent songs outside the White House, Trump said, “I don’t know you can stop people.”

Currently, the president on the podium turned left and looked into the crowd in the U.S. Bank Arena. His followers, who reacted like a red-haired organism, had discovered an invasion: a few demonstrators who had unfolded a small banner with the text: “IMMIGRANTS BUILD AMERICA.” The immune system of the organism pulsed to life. People grabbed the flag, the protesters swarmed.

Trump avoided the microphone and turned to the fans closest to him, just outside the stage. “Democrat mayor?” He asked them, hand beside his mouth, perhaps to block his audio. “Democrat mayor. Democrat? “When the mild infection was treated, the capacity crowd sang” U-S-A “.

“Cincinnati, do you have a democrat mayor?” Trump said at the microphone. “Well, that’s what happens.”

Yes, that’s what happens when you vote for Democrat, or if a Democrat is in charge, or if someone is in charge except Donald Trump in 2021: chaos, lawlessness, slavery of socialism, epidemics of diseases and drugs, criminal immigrants those schools pillage schools and hospitals, the slaughter of newborn babies by abortion doctors, nasty investigations into presidential abuses by people such as Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), congressman from Baltimore and chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

Trump decided to go to Cummings again, without giving him a name, by comparing the number of murders in Baltimore with entire Central American countries. His tone was that of a stand-up strip that reprimands the DMV for poor service.

“I think it’s higher than – give me a place that you think is pretty bad,” said Trump, breaking his teleprompter trance to start free styling. “Give me a place.” People shouted the names of American cities. People shouted locations they were conditioned to look down on. “Pakistan,” a man shouted. “Afghanistan,” another cried.

“I believe it’s higher than Afghanistan,” Trump said.

Oh, people had fun here! They were happy. They sang “CLOSE HER UP” and turned to each other and smiled, moving and clapping as if they were at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. (“Free Bird” had played outside the arena several times to entertain the epic line in the hot sun.) Young boys with the Infowars logo, soccer mothers in pink tops adorned with “Women for Trump”, a few rows of black supporters with T-shirts with the text ‘TRUMP & Republicans ARE NOT A RACIST’, a group of friends from Middletown (setting of the memoir ‘Hillbilly Elegy’) who had chartered a limousine to make it an evening – they were so happy to spend hours here, in this hot hockey location across the road from Kentucky, while the leader of the free world gave a sermon of degressive demagogy and tell-it-like-it-isms. The president was not racist, his people believed; he was a counterpuncher for equal opportunities. Some said they weren’t even here for the punching. They were here for pure companionship, energy, excitement. It validated for people. It was inspiring.

President Trump walks out to speak at a Keep America Great Rally” at U.S. Bank Arena on Thursday in Cincinnati.

The president talks a lot about what he does for the country. What does he do for his followers?

Rewind a little, until about two hours before Trump’s entrance. It was the fifth rally for Steve and Tina Callahan, brokers from Springfield, Ohio. They were waiting for the first row of the second seating group, in clothing with the American flag, because they wanted to feel unity, want to be with ‘common sense’ people to see their hero alive.

“He sacrifices his life to save America from a new world order,” Tina said.

What if he is not re-elected?

“God is real and He has told many people that Trump will serve eight years,” said Tina, a born-again Christian. “And Pence will serve eight years. And the vice-president of Pence will serve eight years. “

Jennifer Heinlein, a specialist in patient services, loves how her 401 (k) is swollen. She pays “heavy” for her health insurance, but wants to keep it and is worried that a democrat would take it. She pointed to her fellow countrymen moving through the hall of Trump brand merchandise. “If I see people wearing this,” said Heinlein, “then I am a believer.”

Down on the floor of the arena, in the standing VIP area, was a woman named Michelle Sellati, dressed in a shirt adorned with the letter “Q”. She was part of a noticeable contingent of rallygoers bearing the symbols of the QAnon conspiracy theory, identified by at least one FBI field office as a domestic terrorist threat, according to a Yahoo News story published earlier in the day. QAnon is not only a portal for uncertain revelations of a dubious nature, but also helps to explain the president’s weaknesses to those who see him as the author of the living writings.

“I’ll wait until he misspells or pronounces something wrong, and then I wait for my Serial Brain to decode,” said Sellati, referring to a YouTube channel that, according to her, analyzes the missing letters in the president’s tweets and the mutilated words in the president’s mouth – for clues about what will happen in the future.

What is an example of something that happened after a clue?

“The chemtrails,” Sellati said.

The chemtrails.

“The chemtrails have disappeared. Since July 4. Look at the sky. It is beautiful.”

But we were inside. The absurd ballad ‘Memory’ of the absurd musical ‘Cats’ screamed about the speakers with headache decibels.


“You had to suffer for a long time,” Trump said around minute 38, “until I stopped by.” He referred to the previous government’s policy on fossil fuels. His people nodded and applauded, while many miles away the Greenland ice sheet continued its historic melt: 197 billion tons of water, swept into the Atlantic last month, which scientists attribute to the growing influence of climate change on the Arctic.

But in this arena, among the believers, the future was bright. More than an hour after his speech, the president said he would end the AIDS epidemic “soon” and heal “very briefly” cancer in children. There was moderate applause. The crowd became thinner; it had been a long day. But then, seconds later, he called “the right to keep and carry weapons.” Thunder. Rafter shaking cheers. Standing. Shout.

“Americans won the race to the moon,” Trump also said, “and we will now win the race to Mars.”

A new world. Sometimes it feels like we are already there.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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