Prince George Has an Incredibly Hip Nickname at School

“His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge” is a kind of mouthful for the Paw Patrol set.

Although Prince George, you know, a prince, he is not immune to all the usual childhood attributes – he still goes to school, and although Gary Janetti would beg to differ, he even has some non-royal friends.

According to a parent of George’s school in southern London, Thomas’s Battersea, the lil ‘Prince’ is very popular and has many friends, and very little hassle about who he is. “Kate Middleton and Prince William even drop him off in the mornings and” are always very friendly. “

“William especially likes to chat with some of the other parents and he works with some of the mothers in the Harbor Club after driving off. He is very talkative and friendly,” the source continued.

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And although, yes, George is royalty and will probably someday be the King, now he is 5 and “His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge” is kind of mouthful for the Paw Patrol set. So instead of getting all politics, his friends call him “P.G.” – like in Prince George. Hip isn’t it? We are a little surprised that his nickname is not Archie, because he apparently told strangers on the street, but this one makes more sense.

Princess Charlotte is expected to become a member of her brother in Thomas’s Battersea in the fall, so she might also get a cool nickname (although we fear that “P.C.” has already been taken a few times).

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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