Prince Harry criticized social media and gaming

Prince Harry may be charming in general, but his recent comments about the Fortnite video game won absolutely no fans of the game. It is not common for Harry to chase people, but his suggestion that Fortnite should be banned rubbed many people the wrong way.

Prince Harry criticized social media and gaming

During a performance at a London YMCA, Prince Harry talked about some of the pitfalls of social media and video games – and he didn’t stop. The Duke of Sussex noted that Fortnite “should not be allowed,” believing that “it was made to relax.”

He called social media more addictive than alcohol and drugs.

He took aim at the dangers of social media

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During the appearance, Prince Harry noted the dangers of social media and video games and explained: “Growing up in today’s world is social media more addictive than drugs and alcohol. Yet it is more dangerous because it is normalized and has no restrictions. We are in a mind-expanding time. “

He added: “We are in an exciting time because everyone in this room has the opportunity to really make a difference, so young people coming in are less connected to their phones.”

Prince Harry focused on ‘human connection’ and noted: ‘They can be connected as they want to be, but they must also have a human connection. Without that human connection if you have a problem, you can’t go anywhere and is the only place you can go online and you will probably be bullied. “

Prince Harry found specific fault with Fortnite

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Although he made some good comments about the damage of social media, it was his commentary on the Fortnite game that upset people. Prince Harry explained: “In the interest of prevention, there are things at the top that are slowly but surely putting pressure on us. For example, a game like Fortnite may not be so good for children. Parents have raised their hands – they don’t know what they should do about it. “

He continued: “It is like waiting for the damage to be done and children coming to your doorstep and families being broken. That game should not be allowed. Where is the benefit of that game your household? It is made to be addicted, an addiction to keep you in front of the computer for as long as possible. It is so irresponsible. “

People slammed the prince on Twitter

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Needless to say, people were not so happy with what Prince Harry had to say about Fortnite. One person tweeted: “What is wrong with children enjoying themselves? As long as parents / guardians are checking. He is not from the real world and has no idea what it means to live a normal life.”

Another commentator commented: “I mean, I hate fortnite, but this is stupid. Instead of blaming game companies, we need to focus on how parents become lazy children. Clearly, the guest is no longer in touch has. ‘

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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