Prince Philip gives Prince Harry relationship advice

The British royal family has experienced ups and downs in their personal relationships. They can be family, but families fight every now and then, and the royal family is no different. What about Prince Philip and Prince Harry? What kind of relationship do they have? Here is a look into the relationship between Prince Philip and Prince Harry.

Prince Philip isn’t seen with his grandchildren often

Prince Philip

Now that Prince Philip has stopped with official duties, he is not often seen with his grandchildren. However, that does not mean that they are not close. According to former royal reporter and author Philip Dampier, Prince Philip’s love for his grandchildren is often seen in family functions. “You can see how close they are when the male members meet during Christmas or other events,” he told Harper’s Bazaar. “It is moving to see and in contrast to his surly public image.”

Prince Philip is close to Princes William and Harry

Prince Harry

Prince Philip has a close relationship with both William and Harry. Although the Duke of Edinburgh does not show much emotion, he has a very loving relationship with his grandchildren. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, former royal correspondent Duncan Larcombe described Prince Philip’s relationship with William and Harry as “warm.” This is what Larcombe had to say:

What I have observed – mainly with Prince William and Prince Harry – is that the relationship between grandparent and child is very different from the relationship between father and son or daughter. Philip is the embodiment of a stiff upper lip – he is never photographed with crying or showing emotions in public. But his relationship with the boys is much warmer.

Prince Harry took over a major role for Prince Philip

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth trust Prince Harry so much that they chose him to play the duke’s role after he had stopped royal duties in 2017. In that year Prince Harry was appointed captain-general Royal Marines. This is the position that Prince Philip held since 1953 when he took over the last father of Queen Elizabeth II, King George VI.

Prince Philip gives Prince Harry relationship advice

Prince Harry

Prince Philip sometimes gives relationship advice to Prince Harry. An advice his grandson gave was Meghan Markle. According to reports, Prince Philip was not too enthusiastic about the couple who married. He enjoyed dating them, but marriage was another problem. According to The Sun, Prince Philip advised Prince Harry to think carefully about becoming serious with Meghan. A source told the publication that Prince Philip gave his grandson this warning: “They kick off actresses; you don’t marry them.” Despite a bumpy start, Prince Philip seems to have passed his concerns about the relationship between Meghan and Harry.

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