Prince William Made an Important Promise to Princess Diana After Her Divorce

The life of Princess Diana was not easy. At first it seemed like she was living a fairy tale. She grew up in a beloved family and knew the right people. She met and married Prince Charles, who was second to the British throne, and on the outside it seemed that Diana was leading the perfect life. But things aren’t always what they seem and she eventually went through a messy divorce after an even sloppy affair leaked. In her divorce, things changed for her – some of whom did not like. But Prince William made an important promise that he said he would take care of him if he became king. Unfortunately, William never got through it, since Diana died in 1997.

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Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced after his affair leaked

In retrospect, it seems clear that Charles’ heart was always with someone else. He had a relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles before he ever met Diana. But when he left the Navy, Camilla reportedly sent him a letter telling him she had decided to marry someone else (Andrew Parker Bowles). After she married, Charles met Diana and she seemed like a suitable woman. The two get married, but his love for Camilla never faded and eventually Charles and Camilla continued an affair behind Diana. Once the news broke, everything became chaotic for the royal family, and it ended in a divorce between the Prince and the Princess of Wales.

Diana had to give a lot up, including her title

When Diana and Charles divorced, it meant that her life was about to change dramatically. Although Diana received millions of dollars during the divorce and was still able to live the same lifestyle, she was no longer part of the British royal family. She had to give up the knotted tiara of the Cambridge enthusiast she often wore, plus learn how to return to a “normal” life after being part of such a different family for 15 years. But she also had to give up her title. When she was married to Charles, she was known as Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales. The title “HRH” was intended to distinguish members of the royal family from other nobles. When the two divorced, Diana lost that title.

Prince William reportedly told Diana he’d give her title back to her when he became king

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Diana was upset because she was no longer known as Her Royal Highness, because giving up that title meant she had to settle for those who still had him, including her ex-husband and her two children. Rumor has it that the queen was willing to let Diana retain her title, but Charles did not want her to. When the two ended their divorce, Prince William reportedly promised to return Diana’s HRH title to her as soon as he became king (only the prince has that power).

Tragically, Diana did not live to see the day William took the throne. Almost exactly a year later, she died in a car accident after her driver, Henri Paul, crashed the vehicle – he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the crash. Paul tried to avoid the paparazzi when the crash occurred.

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Written by Tommy Kilmer

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