Prince William’s Reasoning for Waiting to Propose to Kate Middleton Is Totally Relatable

Deciding how long to wait before he is engaged is entirely subjective, but many agree that Prince William has waited a long time before asking Kate Middleton. But it appears that he may have had a good reason!

While surveys have suggested that 4.9 years is the average number of hours that couples date before they cut the knot and experts quoted one to three years as a reasonable amount of time, the Duke of Cambridge waited a full seven years to ask his lover with to marry him.
Although the couple started dating each other in 2003, the royal, 36, did not make his move until the couple went on a trip to Kenya, Africa, with friends in October 2010. “It just felt good,” he said in a post-involvement interview at the time.

Prince William's Reasoning for Waiting to Propose to Kate Middleton Is Totally Relatable

A new book from The Mail on Sunday correspondent Katie Nicholl entitled Kate: The Future Queen can explain why: “Before William asked Kate to marry him, he wanted to make sure it was what she really wanted,” she wrote in Marie Claire .
Instead of immediately asking for her hand, William asked Kate, 37, to live with him on a farm in North Wales in June 2010. “By living together, Kate could decide if it was, and like William later said to come back, “If it wasn’t,” Nicholl mused.

According to Nicholl, William was aware that the pain had long caused his famous relatives, including his own parents, Prince Charles, and the late Princess Diana. “Divorce had haunted the royal family for too long. From the abdication of Edward VIII in 1936 who had almost ruined the monarchy to the more recent divorces of Diana and Charles, as well as Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, unfortunate marriages threatened to seriously settle an otherwise solid establishment “, wrote the royal expert.

William wanted his own marriage to be different. “However, William and Kate knew each other’s mistakes and they worked well as a team,” mused Nicholl. “Marked forever by the pain of his parents’ divorce, it was essential for William that if he got married, it would be for life.”

His plan seems to have paid off: the couple celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary on April 29, 2019 and shared children Princess George, 5, Princess Charlotte, 4 and Prince Louis, 1.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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