Princess Diana wanted to be an ambassador

Princess Diana wanted to be an ambassador

Princess Diana had a strong desire to help others, especially the less fortunate. She felt most at home with ordinary people and flourished in any environment where she could use her skills well. The most photographed woman in the world wanted to use her celebrity forever, and she did exactly that. Diana also wanted to become an ambassador while using her publicity to help the goals she cared about.

Princess Diana cared about the people

Princess Diana wanted to be an ambassador

Princess Diana changed what it meant to be royal. She was not happy in her marriage, so she looked elsewhere for distraction and meaning. She wanted to be useful and soon realized the growing fascination of the audience for her. She was the biggest celebrity in the world at night and began to use her fame to help others in any way she could.

She immediately felt at home when she could be needed and useful. She used this need to encourage her to do wonderful work as a humanitarian and advocate for the less fortunate. It is no wonder that Diana also wanted to become an ambassador. Her drive to help others pushed her through life.

Princess Diana was the patron of multiple charities

Diana was a patron of many charities. She was known for helping homeless people and visiting shelters for abused women and homeless children. Centrepoint was a charity of which Diana was a proud patron. Her son Prince William has picked up her cloak and has also become the patron of the charity that helps homeless young people. Diana would take her children to daycare centers to give them an idea of how other people live and why it is so important to help them.

She has also made remarkable progress around the stigma of HIV / AIDS. She had no problem shaking hands with an AIDS patient or embracing sick people. She changed the world with her celebrity and raised awareness for important causes that were close to her heart.

Princess Diana wanted to be an ambassador

Princess Diana wanted to be an ambassador

In the famous Panorama Interview with the Princess of the BBC in 1995, she told Martin Bashir that she wanted to be an ambassador for her country. She didn’t just want to stay home, she wanted to make a real difference in the world.

“I want to be an ambassador for this country. I want to represent this country abroad,” Diana revealed. take them, these people, to represent this country and its good qualities abroad. “

Princess Diana was so much more than just talking. She wanted to attract the attention that seemed to follow her everywhere and use it to help people and her country. “When I go abroad, we have 60 to 90 photographers from this country alone, so let’s use it in a productive way to help this country,” said Diana.

Princess Diana almost became an ambassador

Before Tony Blair became Prime Minister in 1997, he already realized how Princess Diana could be useful as an ambassador and a woman who had been asked so much. Diana seemed to take the necessary steps to fulfill her dream of becoming an ambassador. Had she lived, who knows what she would have done to achieve?

Princess Diana unfortunately died before her dream could be realized. It is certain that Diana would have continued her work with charities and advocacy if she had lived. She was a caring soul in a world that was far too hard for her. She did not receive the love she deserved from her husband, and she in turn tried to help other people as the permanent goal of her life. Diana’s legacy lives on in her children and the people who idolize her.

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