Princess Diana Would Be So Proud of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Today

Princess Diana was one of the most iconic female figures of our time. She was known as a daring and independent figure among the royal family. Although she seemed to really respect the queen and appreciate her royal duties, she was known to be a little rebellious and to make her own rules, rather than following the royal traditions.

Princess Diana has certainly cherished her two children: Prince William and Prince Harry. So what would the Princess of Wales think of her two daughters-in-law, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle? We think the princess would be very proud. Here are some reasons why we think she would be happy that her sons could find such wonderful husbands.

Kate and Meghan are both humanitarians

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As most people know, Princess Diana was very committed to her philanthropic work. Millions of people around the world praised the Princess of Wales for the work she did in Africa to help AIDS victims and their families. She was also recognized for her courageous and courageous efforts to stop the payment of landmines due to the fact that they hurt so many innocent people and children.

Before Meghan was the royal on stage, she was already very active in a number of humanitarian projects. In 2016 Meghan traveled to Rwanda to help with the efforts to get clean water for the small villages in that area. When she was in Rwanda, she had also visited the local children in the nearby school to talk with them and teach them fun activities such as painting with watercolors.

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Since becoming royal, Meghan’s charitable work has grown to new heights. She is now a Royal Patron of four different charities specializing in art, women’s empowerment and animal welfare. She has also supported her husband’s efforts to continue his mother’s survival to support HIV and AIDS research.

Like all other royals, Kate Middleton also has a long list of charitable organizations that she supports. However, she spent a lot of time choosing her clientele to make sure they were close to her. She spends much of her time on many different charities, including the arts, addiction centers and the children’s hospice. Together with her husband, William and brother-in-law Harry, she has set up the Heads Together organization that has contributed to the awareness of mental disorders.

They are both strong, independent women

Princess Diana was known for her unconventional way to raise her children. Unlike the other royal children before them, Diana made sure that William and Harry had “normal” childhood experiences, such as going to McDonald’s, waiting in line at Disney, and going to public schools.

Kate has followed her mother-in-law’s footsteps somewhat by giving her children a normal life. She seems to be a very practical mother. She has only one babysitter, and it has been reported that Kate herself changes her diapers and whether her or William allows their oldest two children to go to school themselves.

Meghan and Harry’s child are not there yet, but since the Duchess of Sussex has long been known for her efforts to create equality for women, it is hard to imagine that she would adhere to the traditional royal norms of motherhood.

Princess Diana was a remarkable woman who was not afraid to stand up for what she believed in. Although she is unfortunately no longer with us, we know that if she were here, she would not only be proud of the men who became her sons, but she would also be proud of the women they chose for the rest to spend their lives with.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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