Queen Elizabeth could give up throne due to incurable health issue

Queen Elizabeth could give up throne due to incurable health issue

Queen Elizabeth II could be forced to relinquish her throne and give it to Prince Charles because of a heartbreaking health condition, a royal expert has claimed that there would be no other option.

The health of the Monarch is a growing concern for royal fans because the Queen has the title for the longest ruling monarch at the age of 66. The 93-year-old was worried when she was photographed with a big purple bruise on her left at Buckingham Palace after meeting Jordan’s King Abdullah and Queen Rania. Doctors have since said that the bruising was most likely caused by a minor injury, because people who are older are more prone to bruising.

About the Royal Central podcast, editor Lydia Starbuck said: “It does raise questions. Hypothetical in the future if someone who ruled would develop a condition like dementia.

“At what stage can others intervene to become rainy or take responsibility, because it is often a very difficult area that people can get to in some parts of their lives and lose their skills in others.”

Royal expert Brittani Barger added: “In the past, when dementia was not really known, we know that it must have been princes around the world who had it.

“They may have had their child or whatever that did all the grunting, but that was for a time when we knew what it was.

Queen Elizabeth could give up throne due to incurable health issue

“The media now, if a monarch gets something like dementia, ALS or something like that, I think they really have no choice but to rain.”

Mrs. Starbuck added: “I think if something happens, she will probably make Charles rain instead of resigning completely.

“I think it is very unlikely that she will resign completely.”

As a regent, Prince Charles would assume most of the duties currently performed by Queen Elizabeth II, but would only be crowned king.

The last regency in the UK took place between 1811 and 1820, when the future King George IV took control of his father George III.

Royal biographer Phil Dampier believes that Charles already acquires more tasks from the monarch.

Mr Dampier said: “He is already starting to do that, during the state opening in Parliament and the Commonwealth Conference.

“He is starting to take over many of her duties and make the investments.”

It is also assumed that Prince Charles spoke with the Queen all week to discuss state issues, while the Prince of Wales is reportedly also included in a distribution list of shipping boxes that the monarch regularly receives from Whitehall.

Royal author Robert Jobson said that the Queen and Prince Charles are already in a “transitional period,” with the sovereign giving her son more and more responsibility.

Mr. Jobson said: “The queen on her next birthday will be 93. It has not completed a long-distance state visit since 2011.

“Although the Prince of Wales has talked about the fact that there is only one sovereign at a time, and that’s right, you have a bit of a double monarchy and a transition in progress right now.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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