Rachael’s family thought she was ‘nuts’ but she now has three children with Paddy.

A woman who had a crush on her school after years of separation through a Facebook message met with her and had a whirlwind romance with him. She bought a house two weeks after her first date and got three babies in just nine months.

One child was born in September 2016 and twins followed at the beginning of June 2017. Talk about efficient time management.

Rachael Kirkwood, 34, first spotted her now husband, Paddy, 35, in the secondary school corridors that had visited Manchester two decades ago.

Overwhelmed with shyness, she never took the courage to speak to him, but admired him from afar and sent anonymous Valentine’s Day cards every 14th of February.

Both left school and started their adult lives. Rachael even lived two years in New Zealand and had a son, Oliver, who is now seven years old.

In April 2015, she sent Paddy – who also has a son from a previous relationship – a message after stumbling on his Facebook profile.

After meeting for a first date about a week later, things progressed quickly. The couple bought a house after two weeks, became engaged in July, got married in December and had three babies in nine months. More than some people achieve in one life, all within a year.

After this first Facebook message, the couple spoke every day, and the following week, Paddy Rachael asked the question she had wanted to hear since her teenage years, “Want to have a date?”

From then on, the couple spent practically every day together and two weeks later Paddy mentioned that he was chasing the house. He suggested that she would visit the property with him – near her home.

She recalled, “He asked me what I thought of the place, and I told him I loved it, then he turned to me and said,” I do not want it if you do not move in too. “I thought, is he crazy? It was only two weeks ago, but part of me just knew it was right.”

Although her family and friends thought she was “crazy,” Rachael agreed, and the couple traveled to Madrid the following week to celebrate.

There they discovered that the offer they had submitted was accepted, meaning that they could return to the UK to start a new life together. Only six weeks later, Paddy had another important question for Rachael. Paddy did not play around.

“He made a suggestion to me in Paris, it was like a fairytale,” she said. “People thought it was way too fast and told me it would not last, but I was sure we should be together.”

On the eve of her trip to Paris, Rachael had discovered she was pregnant, which meant she had gone from a single to a fiancé in just three months.

She was delighted, but unfortunately it was not intended to be so. After about 12 weeks, she ran to a hospital for dizziness, where a scan showed she had molar pregnancy.

The condition occurs when a clot of abnormal cells grows in the uterus rather than a healthy fetus. That meant that Rachael’s baby had to be heartbreakingly removed.

In retrospect, Rachael said she would never have gotten past 60 relatives without Paddy, whom she had married in Paris in December.

She explained, “We rented a boat and sailed down the Seine, past the Eiffel Tower, as we saw it, we wanted to be together so there was no reason to wait – even though we had not even been together year ago, if you know , you know. “

In early 2016 – one month after their wedding – two little blue lines changed, followed by calming scans, and the couple’s daughter Mollie, who is now two, was born in September.

Rachael became pregnant again, much sooner than expected, only six weeks after she had Mollie. Then she discovered she had identical twins.

“We could not believe it, we basically doubled the size of the family,” she said. “At first I was scared of how we would handle it, but Paddy said it was like winning the lottery, I knew we could do it together.”

The babies, Niall and Luke, were born in early June 2017, which means that Rachael was born three times in nine months – and the children will all be in the same school year when the time comes.

Incredible, despite the fact that she took the contraceptive pill, Rachael added soon, along with her baby Orla, born in November 2018.

Life for the Kirkwoods is now hectic but happy. The romance of the fairy tale inspired Rachael to found a charity called Wish For A Wedding, which offers weddings to couples who are dealing with an incurable disease.

As she has been through so many different types of pregnancies, she also wants to help others and has therefore set up a blog where she shares advice and open positions, especially for those who feel isolated, since they do not have many friends with children.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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