Rachel Bloom Talks About the Ending of ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

The hit CW music series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has come to an end after four fantastic seasons. While the audience, critics, and behind the scenes regret seeing it happen, this was a rare case of a show that was coming to an end, as originally planned, and with a lot of tame. This is what the maker and star Rachel Bloom says about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend now that it’s over, including the only person who knew how it would end.

Who is Rachel Bloom?

Bloom is an actress, singer, and writer who grew up in Los Angeles. She received her BFA from NYU, which led to an internship with Seth Meyers when he was on Saturday Night Live. Bloom first began to get attention for her YouTube videos, which were combined in albums of musical comedy. This has partly led to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend broke barriers

The series follows Rebecca Bunch, a lawyer who gives up her job and moves to West Covina, CA after a coincidence with an old boyfriend. Rebecca begins to grow her life there and make friends, while learning about herself and what drives her to make decisions.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was remarkable in many ways. Together with her co-creators and co-founder Aline Brosh McKenna, Bloom wrote original songs for each episode. In addition, the show not only discussed mental health, but really plunged into the subject from every angle, giving a realistic representation in a very unique universe.

Here’s what Bloom said about the show in its aftermath

Bloom went to Twitter the week after the last episodes were broadcast, giving fans plenty of time to watch before they “spoiled” anything. She wrote about the last scene that was recorded, in which a male character tells another male character to listen to a woman (her character Rebecca) while she gives a speech. This is characteristic of the feminist series in many ways.

Not everyone ‘got’ the show right away

Given the many layers, not everyone has really gotten Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in the beginning. Bloom also wrote on Twitter that she and her team gave a presentation describing the entire series and even sharing a song during a pitch meeting. But a manager was only focused on what would happen, season after season. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was clearly well planned from the start, but it is so complex and contains so many small details that it takes time to really understand what they do with it.

This one person understood a big clue about the end

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Maar sommige mensen zijn vanaf het begin all-in. Bloom’s laatste feit over de show was dat het einde van de draai, waarin Rebecca geen van de drie mannen kiest die in haar geïnteresseerd zijn en in plaats daarvan focust op het volgen van haar dromen, was er altijd al, als je wist waar je op moest letten. De middelste naam van het personage is Nora, wat verwijst naar de hoofdpersoon van het Noorse toneelstuk A Doll’s House.

De enige persoon die de referentie begreep? Tovah Feldshuh, de actrice die Rebecca’s moeder speelde, Naomi Bunch. Feldshuh is een gevierde Broadway-ster die genomineerd is voor meerdere Tonys, dus het is niet verrassend dat zij degene was die dit uitkoos.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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