Real Housewife Kandi Burruss Reveals Why She Didn’t Watch Her Own ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Kandi Burruss has been active in the entertainment industry since she was 16 years old. Not only was she a member of the R & B group Xscape from the 90s, but she also created a name for herself as a talented songwriter. She wrote Bug a Boo, The Writing on the Wall and Bills, Bills, Bills for Destiny’s Child. She also wrote No Scrubs for TLC, which eventually earned her a Grammy.

Kandi has recently become famous for her appearances on various popular reality shows, such as The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Celebrity Big Brother. Although many people have mixed feelings about the Real Housewives franchise, it is undeniable that Kandi was the most beloved cast member of the show and the Atlanta series made a nicer show to see.

With all the drama that happened on Celebrity Big Brother, many people wonder how she felt when she met herself with the other cast members of the show. Well, apparently she didn’t watch the show after it was broadcast and we know the reason why.

Kandi had some major drama with another cast member

From almost the first moment the two eyes closed, there was immediate tension between Kandi and another member of the house, Tamar Braxton. Because both ladies come from the music industry and have known each other for a long time, you would think that they had sparked a friendship as soon as they entered the house. However, that is not what happened. Instead, the two became direct rivals with Tamar and stated that she did not like Kandi because of the way she had treated Tamar in the past.

Last year Tamar went on The Great Xscape tour with Kandi and her group. According to Tamar, Kandi was rude and disrespectful during the tour. She also said that the two were never really around and that Kandi had never liked her so much. Kandi, on the other hand, tells a different story. She says that Braxton had brought someone on the tour who had said very negative things about her and her group in the past.

During one of the Celebrity Big Brother episodes, Kandi and Tamar had tried to talk and resolve their differences, but as soon as Kandi laughed at something Tamar said, the conversation was over. “I’m trying to tell you how I feel and how you laugh,” Tamar told Kandi just before she pounded angrily out of the room.

Kandi went to watch Watch what happens to Andy Cohen live to “spill the tea” over various rumors of Celebrity Big Brother. When asked about her friendship with Tamar, Kandi replied, “Oh, we’re good now.” So apparently the two singers could eventually work out their differences.

Why didn’t Kandi watch her own ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ season?

During the same interview with Andy Cohen, he asked if she saw the show again if she was surprised to hear that Tamar had actually had her during the show. “I didn’t look back,” Kandi replied. “Yes, my friends said it is best not to look back, because I don’t want to get angry at everything that was said during the show.”

She then went on to wish Tamar a happy birthday and then spoke about the other friendships she had made during her time on the show.

We think that the fact that Kandi decided not to watch the show was probably a good thing. Because she and Tamar finally turn out to be friends again, we wouldn’t want Kandi to relive the drama that can provoke resentment or anger toward Tamar.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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